Russian Paratrooper Publishes Bombshell Ukraine War Memoir; Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Killed in Car Bomb

Rumbles of mutiny echo through the ranks. And it will only get worse.

A Russian paratrooper has revealed gut-wrenching details in a new memoir about the war in Ukraine, describing friendly-fire incidents, hordes of starving, marauding troops, and panicked commanders unable to stop general chaos.

Bombshell War Expose’

The front-line experience of Russian soldiers is quite different from the picture of the war being painted by Russian Official State Media. Putin has made it a near-capital offense to present an honest account of his brutal and unprovoked Ukrainian invasion. But it is impossible to keep the troops from telling the people what is really happening.

The author of the 141 page account referred to above was able to leave Russia covertly, before the secret police could grab him.

Meanwhile a Russian resistance group is making itself known inside Russia

Just after Alexander Dugin had given a talk promoting new Russian conquests through military might, his daughter was killed in a car bomb explosion. A Russian insurgency group calling itself the National Republican Army (NRA) has claimed credit.

Dugin was likely the intended target of the car bomb. He is associated with the regime and particularly the neo-imperialism it brought to Ukraine, but he is not important enough to merit the security a top government official is afforded. It is possible, however, that his daughter’s killing was the work of the Kremlin, perhaps seeking to silence some of the criticism of its actions from the ultranationalist right. (It is difficult to overstate how little is known at present.)

When any murderous act occurs inside Russia, it is prudent to include Putin as a possible suspect. He used that trick in his famous apartment bombings to justify a brutal war against Chechnya. He may have sent a friendly warning to Alexander Dugin not to jump ship at a difficult time for Putin.

Russia’s army is in the process of being dismantled in Ukraine, and someone will have to pay for that loss. If not Putin, then who?

Putin’s wishful thinking about the power of the Russian military is reflected in his apparent expectation that it could conquer Ukraine with only 150,000 military personnel. This is significantly less than the 250,000 soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces and far off the ratio of offensive to defence forces traditionally needed for a successful campaign – 3:1. Putin seems to have decided to launch the invasion based on the expectation that Ukrainian citizens would surrender without a fight and their political leaders would run away. Clearly, the data he drew on was deeply flawed. Several publicly available studies conducted shortly before the full-scale invasion showed that Ukrainians would resolutely take up arms to defend their homeland. But the Kremlin – like many Western experts – must have simply ignored them.

Russian Military Failures and the Lessons They May Teach
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2 Responses to Russian Paratrooper Publishes Bombshell Ukraine War Memoir; Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Killed in Car Bomb

  1. Cervi says:

    Russia is winning this war, slowly but decisively, with 1/3 the troops. Do they not control the Donbass now? ARe they not heading towards Odessa?

    What part of this isn’t Russian superiority in the field??

    Ukraine is being funded to obscene levels by the West in almost everything it does, inlcuding paying government bureaucrats in Ukraine.

    Weird way to look at this. I don’t understand this denial

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes, it is clear that you do not understand “this denial.” Perhaps the word doesn’t mean what you think it means. 😉 Perhaps you should read Pavel the paratrooper’s book linked to above.

      Russian advances halted in Donbas 24 Aug 2022

      Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson

      Can you provide a succinct justification for the genocidal war of ethnic cleansing that Putin unleashed on Ukraine, other than Putin’s claim that the Ukrainian government consists of drug-addicted nazis? Putin’s bloody farce was contrived to enlarge the Russian empire and to reverse fatal population losses within Russia. The end result will be incalculable losses for Russia in the long run, and much faster than had been predicted.

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