Fossil Fuels are the Near to Intermediate Future; Nuclear is the Long-Term Future


The Energy Crisis is Artificial, Brought to You by Greens

Germany is on the cusp of a catastrophic fuel shortage leading to an economic collapse and civil unrest, thanks to the influence of Green politicians and government officials and the complicity of current and former top government leaders. If an energy-starved Germany goes down, all of Europe will be at risk of economic and political turmoil. A few German energy experts are beginning to speak out a warning, but it looks to be too little too late. Germans overall seem to be living in some kind of parallel universe fairy-land, and will do so until life’s harshness swoops down and knocks them on their heads.

Elon Musk Understands that Fossil Fuels are Indispensable

Asked if he believes oil and gas should continue to be used, Musk replied in the affirmative.

“Realistically, we do need to use oil and gas in the short term because otherwise civilization will crumble,” he said.

“In order for civilization to continue to function, we do need oil and gas,” he continued, adding that “any reasonable person would conclude that.”

Not only should oil and gas should continue to be used to keep civilization running, Musk said that further exploration “is warranted at this time.”

Use of fossil fuels should continue at the same time as ongoing efforts around “accelerating the advance of sustainable energy,” he added.

Zero Hedge via Epoch Times

Fossil fuels will be needed for the next century or more to fuel ships, aircraft, and heavy land transportation vehicles such as locomotives and heavy road freight haulers. Smaller personal craft will need fossil fuels for at least the next five decades, and possibly beyond if the transition to electric vehicles runs into unforeseen obstacles.

Nuclear Reactors of the Future Will Assume Many Shapes and Sizes


Microreactors would allow for thriving communities far from existing power grids, in addition to providing secure power backups in case of large-grid shutdown and a resultant “islanding” of and segmentation of the power grid prior to a black re-start of the larger grid.

Other new types of nuclear fission reactors will include small modular reactors, molten salt reactors, fast neutron reactors, and other next generation reactors which will be safer, more reliable, and that will burn a far larger portion of the nuclear fuel — leaving far less radioactive waste material behind that needs safe sequestering. A lot of political roadblocks and human obstructionists of the green persuasion will need to be removed to expedite these developments.

China’s Energy Crisis and Real Estate Crash Hurting Steel Production

The prognosis looks bad, as evident from this statement by Li Ganpo, founder & chairman of Hebei Jingye Steel Group. Ganpo reportedly warned at a private company meeting a few weeks ago that almost a third of China’s steel mills could go bankrupt. This would result in massive steel supply chain disruptions.

Many in China have lost hope of a turnaround in the near future. This pessimism is clear in the many reports coming out of China.

The real-estate crisis has not only affected property developers and steel makers but even banks. Once one of the largest producers and consumers of steel and related products, Chinese steel mills would regularly manufacture over a billion tons. This accounts for about half of all global output. Now, this seems a distant memory, with the slump affecting iron ore prices and even supply mines in Brazil & Australia.

Oil Price.Com

China is at severe risk of having its energy supply choked off by naval blockade, perhaps in reaction to a Taiwan invasion as early as this October. Several nations of the world are capable of such a feat, and if it happened the nation of China would be reeling for lack of fuel.

Without Abundant Fuel and Energy, Advanced Civilization Would Collapse

All advanced nations of the Earth share similar critical infrastructure requirements. From Wikipedia, here is a short list:

All of the critical infrastructure items listed above rely on either abundant electric power, abundant fossil fuels, or both. Without these crucial ingredients, the whole enterprise collapses and a huge portion of the population would die. That is why discussions of the loss of electric power and fossil fuels are not merely theoretical. They are life and death issues.

Greens — whether in government or outside the government — are not serious thinkers, although they may be intensely emotional and seriously dangerous. The worst of the greens mean to reduce human populations on Earth to a tiny fraction of current numbers. They do not plan to die, necessarily. But they do plan for you to die. Governments of Europe and the Anglosphere are infested with large numbers of them, as are university faculty and staff, large media conglomerates, and the graduates of government schools and universities.

The Ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine is Pertinent to this Question

Russia is one of the world’s leading suppliers of oil and natural gas. But Russia is less and less able to ship its production of oil & gas to willing customers. In addition, Russia lacks adequate storage facilities for unsold oil & gas to prevent product from backing up to the well head and doing serious damage to wells and well heads. This will require a shutdown of millions of barrels per day of Russian output — output that may never be resumed after hostilities are ended and sanctions are dropped.

Parenthetically, before the current war, Russia was one of the world’s leading suppliers of global weapons and weapons systems. A brief viewing of the video below will indicate why this will probably not be the case any longer.

With the loss of sales from much of its former oil & gas production, and the loss of sales from weapons and weapons systems, Russia will be in a much weaker position to launch further invasions in the future — once the country’s leaders come back down to ground level reality from their lofty visions that led them to launch the Ukrainian invasion in February.

Everything is Based on Energy and Fuel But More is Needed on Top of That

Russia has plenty of energy and fuel. But it does not have a system of rights, rule of law, and secure personal safety and property from government caprice, that would be needed to build a modern nation with a future — attractive to large numbers of potential immigrants of high aptitude and productivity.

Other countries such as Germany have decent institutions and systems of laws and rights, but by the actions of their own governments are running critically short of fuel and electric power.

The limits to green energy have been apparent for at least 20 years. I admit that I did not start to catch on to the problems with green energy until about 15 years ago, but better late than never. I was guilty of a bad case of wishful thinking for a long time.

Germany’s political leadership has brought the country to the brink of disaster, and survival is not guaranteed. Other nations such as Australia are flirting with a similar disaster that will come from loss of reliable supplies of fuel and electric power. Such insanity is intimately connected to the green philosophy, green activism, and green political parties. The threat of severe hardship directly linked to green actions over the past 30 years — in government, in university, in media, and in popular culture — is quite real and very dire.

For the most indoctrinated, it is too late for awaking from the fever dream that is so prevalent. For those who have preserved their ability to reason, a number of mitigating actions can be taken. But do not expect assistance from most governments — and expect active and sometimes violent opposition from institutions such as universities, media conglomerates, political activist groups, and other agents of malaise and destruction.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .

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  1. Snake Oil Baron says:

    The only problem with fossil fuels is the same problem with all energies: they are either produced or purchased by state monopolies in most countries. If the state decides that becoming dependent on Russia gangster is better than being dependent on the Middle East gangster then that’s who we are dependent on. If they turn against Russians, they start forgiving and forgetting all problems with Iran and Venezuela (forgetting that Iran is giving Russia drones so buying their oil to spite Russia is stupid). And the best places to buy fossil fuel from are nations which are so saturated by Russian and Middle Eastern environmental propaganda that they refuse to fully exploit their resources—like Canada and even the US.

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