Russia Turns to Iran for Ultra-Lethal Drone Force

World of Weapons

Since Ukraine has been using Turkish drones to target the forces of the Russian invader, it is only fair that Russia turn to Iran to replace its drone losses. Does this mean that Iranian drones are better than Russian drones? More likely it means that the Iranian manufacturing infrastructure is operating under fewer constraints than is the Russian manufacturing infrastructure at this time.

In the video above, Peter Zeihan discusses some of the problems Russia is having with its military manufacturing and the impending collapse of the Russian military industrial complex if it is truly resorting to buying its ammunition from North Korea.

—Russian domestic financial markets, as an indicator of both present conditions and future outlook, are the worst performing markets in the entire world this year despite strict capital controls, and have priced in sustained, persistent weakness within the economy with liquidity and credit contracting – in addition to Russia being substantively cut off from international financial markets, limiting its ability to tap into pools of capital needed for the revitalization of its crippled economy


The war in Ukraine is still in the early stages. The sanctions on Russia are still in the early stages. Putin believed that he could annex the entire of Ukraine in a cost-free manner. Time will tell.

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