The Synergism of Intelligent Minds: Jordan Peterson, Andrew Huberman

The video interaction between psychologist Jordan Peterson and neuroscientist Andrew Huberman is a classic example of what happens when two intelligent minds meet on the same wavelength in order to share cutting edge knowledge. Each man has his areas of greater expertise which makes cooperative sharing synergistic.

Scientific societies have provided a meeting place for bright and inquiring minds to meet and share for several centuries:

The earliest scientific societies appeared in Italy but diminished there after the condemnation of Galileo in 1633. Informal scientific societies in England came under a single charter in 1662, when Charles II of England authorized the Royal Society of London to advance the cause of science. Louis XIV of France followed with the formation of the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1666 and the Royal Observatory in 1667.

Rise of Scientific Societies

Germany and the Netherlands had similar societies where the brilliant men who took on the disciplined mantle of the scientific method came together to share, encourage, and criticize.

Today, much of modern scientific research is shared over the internet via a number of formal and informal scientific online publishers, and via a wide range of video channels and podcasts. The COVID pandemic and pandemic scare helped to hurry a lot of scientific interaction onto the internet. Most of this research is ignored by the general public, and for good reason. It is hard to understand unless a person has a background in science, technology, and data analysis.

But some well-known public figures provide online forums which feature expert guests, which serve to popularize some important areas of modern research. Both Jordan Peterson and Andrew Huberman (featured in the video above) are good examples of persons with research backgrounds who help to popularize and explain useful contemporary research.

Other forms of synergism occur on forums such as the Joe Rogan podcasts and other popular interview shows hosted by comedians and other well known personalities. But the quality of the synergism is limited on most popular forums — a well known “dumbing down” phenomenon that accompanies popular culture and most public information sources that are censored by elite overlords in government, academia, media, and the large worldwide corporate/foundation/nonprofit/NGO/intergovernmental conglomerate.

Whenever intelligent minds get together there is the potential for synergism. Unfortunately too many of such opportunities are drowned in drugs, alcohol, or other dampers which blunt the acuity of what could take place.

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We sometimes forget that each one of us contains multitudes. We can learn a great deal just from our many selves, if we would only allow it. The discussion between Jordan Peterson and Andrew Huberman provides some crucial information pointing to some behavioral changes many people could make to allow a freer flow of insights between the different parts of our brains.

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