Why Is Russia Becoming a Nation of Women?

“I feel like we are a country of women now,” Moscow resident Stanislava, 33, told the Times. “I was searching for male friends to help me move some furniture, and I realized almost all of them had left.”

Aleksei Ermilov, the founder of Russia’s Chop-Chop barber shop empire, tells the Times you “can see the massive relocation wave more in Moscow and St. Petersburg than in other cities, partially because more people have the means to leave there.” __ The Case of Russia’s Missing Men

Continuing with the Ukraine war and mobilization efforts until the end of next spring would be “catastrophic” for Russia, Moscow demographer Igor Efremov tells Bloomberg. __ A Burgeoning Catastrophe for Russia

Russia already had a fatal shortfall of women of child-bearing age. Even worse, Russia has 10.5 million fewer men than it has women. Russia’s young men have either fled the country or they are dying in a foolhardy invasion of a neighboring nation that was previously a peaceful buffer to Russia’s west. Now Russia is immersed in war, and the war seems to be moving toward Moscow, not away from it! Thanks, Putin you jerk!

The most likely outcome is that “Putin’s war will cast a shadow on Russia for a long time to come — one growing ever darker the longer the war carries on,” Goble writes. Not only will the loss of Russian men to emigration and battlefield death “leave a huge hole in Russian society,” but “those Russian men who do indeed manage to return will experience enormous problems,” from PTSD and other health struggles to participating in a “proliferation of crime waves similar to those that followed the Afghan and Chechen wars.”

The shape of “Russia’s population pyramid” means “the birthrate is almost destined to decline,” Brent Peabody wrote at Foreign Policy in January. Putin has said he’s haunted by that fact, and “Russia’s need for more people is no doubt a motivating consideration for its current aggressive posture toward Ukraine,” even as “the idea that Ukrainians would sign up to be good Russians is largely delusional.”

Where Have All the Russian Men Gone?

Sanctions are tightening on Russian oil & gas sales, forcing Russia to begin to shut down wells that will be almost impossible to re-start within the next ten years. This will be hell on a Russian economy which is already suffering from an ever-worsening critical manpower shortage.

Russia’s Putin is getting desperate as the negative outcomes of his decision to create an unnecessary war comes back to hurt Russia. He knows he will die before the full weight of the disaster crushes the would-be empire. Already Putin cannot control his own bodily functions

Ukrainians will never quit. They have experienced freedom from their slavemasters and have no desire to return to serfdom. China cannot help. Russia is running out of men and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Putin’s decision to take his shrinking nation to war only made the situation infinitely worse.

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The costs associated with six months of brutal, grinding, and attrition-based combat around Bakhmut far outweigh any operational advantage that the Russians can obtain from taking Bakhmut. Russian offensives around Bakhmut, on the other hand, are consuming a significant proportion of Russia’s available combat power, potentially facilitating continued Ukrainian counteroffensives elsewhere.

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