Ukraine’s Wounded Get Best Care; Russia Kills Its Own Wounded

Russian conscripts are disillusioned and refusing to fight. They often disappear without a trace, and their families back in Russia never learn their fate.

Russian officers are killing their own wounded and have been doing so for several months now. Chechen allies of Putin are also involved in the murders of Russian wounded.

Meanwhile, Russians who flee the battlefield are killed by their own side, and those who refuse to fight are confined in basements and makeshift dungeons. Too often they are never seen or heard from again.

Russian soldiers fired at the mobilized men if they retreated from their positions.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is toughening up and preparing for the long push to repel the invader from their homeland.

During the first few months of the war the Ukrainians had to improvise but they did so with the intention of keeping their casualties lower than what the Russians were suffering, and seeing to it that new or existing troops got the training and logistical support they needed to be most effective. Russia went in the opposite direction, providing less training and logistical support for new troops sent to Ukraine to replace their heavy losses. The Russian reinforcements suffered heavy losses from this lack of supplies, medical care and leadership. Many of these Russian troops surrendered or deserted at the first opportunity. Russian efforts to remedy this are disrupted by prompt and precise Ukrainian attacks on their supplies. Ukrainian troops survive longer in combat and suffer fewer casualties, which means the average Ukrainian combat soldier is more experienced, trained, led and supported than their Russian counterparts. Ukrainian forces are prepared for a winter campaign and Russian forces are not. __ Russia in Decay

Russia has nothing left but the attempt to destroy Ukraine’s civilian economic infrastructure, to try to drive as many Ukrainian refugees out of the country as possible. Putin might say he is forced to destroy Ukraine in order to save it for the Russian dream. But Russians are disappearing from the world too quickly for Putin to save anything for them.

Meanwhile, the decadent western world is suffering its own delusions:

The Apocalyptic Climate Change Hoax

Germany is in danger of collapse for the sole reason that the country has fallen under the delusion of apocalyptic climate change and the green energy salvation. Both of these delusions have brought Germans to the brink of suffering such as they have not seen since the aftermath of WWII.

Peak Climate Change

Greens are using ever-more extreme language to try to panic the masses into changing their behaviour. Indeed, it’s notable that we hear less about ‘climate change’ and more about ‘climate emergency’, even ‘climate apocalypse’. The Oxford English Dictionary says climate language is changing to reflect a ‘very real sense of urgency’. Extinction Rebellion even protested outside the offices of the New York Times demanding that it say ‘climate emergency’, not ‘climate change’. Linguistic experts cheer this new grammar of catastrophe on the basis that it helps to ‘convey to the public an increasingly urgent threat’.

In short, the manipulation of language helps to manipulate thought. If people can be convinced that we’re heading for a climate apocalypse – which we clearly are not – then maybe they’ll start behaving in a more eco-responsible way. Green terror inflation is about suppressing dissent. Question any aspect of eco-ideology and you’ll be accused of facilitating Armageddon.

Peak Climate Hysteria

This is the climate change boogey-man:

Apocalyptic climate change hysteria is based upon easily manipulable computer models, which are fed phony temperature records in order to maximise the climate angst.

The entire media infrastructure of the western world has been perverted in order to propagate the message of apocalyptic climate change, to create fear and panic among the populations of the advanced world. Plenty of people believe these distortions, in large part due to a general dumbing down of educational institutions over the past several decades.

Anyone who still has any illusions about the objectivity of today’s media only needs to look at the “Twitter Files” and the shocking story of how Twitter insiders worked closely with US government politicians, intelligence officers, and law enforcement officials to censor and bias news of critical political danger to those in power.

Biden officials worked feverishly behind the scenes to “flag” Twitter posts that mentioned Devine’s article, and Twitter, due to the overwhelmingly leftist makeup of its employees, dutifully did their bidding by removing “wrongthink” from the platform. Twitter even suspended the New York Post’s account for having the gall to report a story that was damaging to the Biden campaign in the first place.

Mainstream liberal journalists, ever docile and obedient toward the establishment powers-that-be, also did their part by repeating the lies of a cadre of former intelligence officials who released a joint statement dismissing the story as “Russian disinformation.” Talking heads and partisan hacks hypnotically repeated this authoritative assessment, falsely claiming the Biden laptop story had “the classic earmarks” of a Russian psyop.

It is now a proven fact, however, that Twitter/Biden/CIA/liberal media psyop forced onto the public was the real source of disinformation, and it unfurled with military precision and force.

The Media Lies on Command

The ruling elite will stop at nothing to seize and retain power over you and everyone you know.

The recent Jordan Peterson interview of Matt Ridley is an excellent window into the political corruption of modern science.

The above podcast is Peter Zeihan’s most recent interview. While the first few minutes of Zeihan’s interviews tend to be repetitive, as the interaction proceeds Zeihan comes out with new information. Sometimes he is just “winging it” to try to reconcile current events with past predictions. But much of the time, Zeihan is rationally integrating new information with past trends and coming up with some truly golden analyses.

Elsewhere on the web, there are many fascinating interviews taking place and it is impossible to follow all of them. The conversation below is one of those hidden gems:

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