Is Re-Electing President Trump the Only Alternative to the Unutterable Madness and Decay of Wokeism?

Wokeism has taken over the US Deep State and most large social institutions in the US. The slow release of the Twitter Files by the innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk, is gradually unwrapping the ugly truth behind the government and the wealthy elites that hide behind corporate media censorship. The US public has been hoodwinked and bamboozled by and large into ignoring the ruinous extent of the problem..

When the government and the wealthy enabling weanies who hide in the shadows have control of what the public can learn about them and the things they do to maintain their stranglehold over the people, only those who very badly want to know the truth will ever get the tiniest inkling of what is going on.

President Trump learned firsthand how deeply the wokeist religion penetrates into both state and federal governments. But the former president is not getting any younger, and although he has a long record of business and entertainment achievement in his long lifetime, his sometime erratic behavior has a lot of former backers scratching their heads and wondering if there might be an alternative US politician who could head off the “woke steamroller of destruction.” It is a problem everywhere, not just in the US.

Wokeism wants to prohibit private vehicular mobility

Wokeism wants control of all corporations

Wokeism wants to eliminate consequences for even the most heinous crimes

Wokeism wants to execute anyone who stands in its way

Wokeism is drowning us all in a pessimistic malaise

Is Donald Trump the only US politician who can roll back the deadly choking miasma of wokeism? Perhaps not. It is possible that younger and less obnoxious up and coming public figures might better unite the majority of US voting citizens behind a philosophy of freedom. Time will tell.

But in the meantime, the US is struggling under a fake government made up to a large extent of criminals who have been infiltrated into the deep state swamp which Donald Trump spent so much time warning the people about.

Wokeism is trying to destroy the US, because the leftist overlords of wokeism are sick and tired of the US holding back the leftist global agenda for all these decades. If not for two US presidents — Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump — the US would already have sold its soul and its mighty military to the global green/leftist woke agenda.

The US government has a lot to answer for. But if not for the existence of the US over the past centuries, the state of the world could have been much, much worse.

Whether you know it or not, the subversion of freedom and the slow motion destruction of the US Constitution is creating an alternate shadow universe — the one where Mr. Spock is wearing a beard. Without the rule of law and basic property rights, life in the US under the wokeist priesthood will grow ever more nasty, brutish, and short. The rest of the world will quickly be submerged under the incompetence and the insanity of wokeist intersectionalist impotence and inefficacy.

The emergence of a country of emerging freedoms like the US back in the late 18th century was not a foregone conclusion. But multiple movements toward widespread emancipation and enfranchisement were happening across Europe, and sooner or later a nation with a similar penchant for constitutional governance incorporating rule of law and property rights along with individual freedoms, would have emerged somewhere.

Unfortunately, the leftist global movement is offended by individual freedom, rule of law, and property rights, and wants to choke off the global source of such thought beyond all repair. To that end, it managed to install a demented US presidential figurehead along with an army of shadow underlings who can operate virtually without oversight, to overturn the US Constitutional system of freedoms, rule of law, and property rights piece by piece.

The question is, can anyone stand in the way of this massive global movement which has infiltrated governments, corporations, and social institutions such as academia, media, and popular culture? And if so, is Donald Trump the only person capable of such a feat? Time will tell.

If the US falls completely to the wokeist religious juggernaut, it may take some time for another freedom-loving entity that champions rule of law and property rights, to emerge.

Consider this, though: One of the prime goals of the leftist global movement is the reduction of global human populations from the “billions of persons” down to the “hundreds of millions of persons” or fewer. A wokeist conquest of the US and the consequent rise of global incompetence is likely to be a huge step toward the downgrading of global populations.

Destroying the US is a challenge. But wokeist leftists are doing their darndest to achieve it.

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3 Responses to Is Re-Electing President Trump the Only Alternative to the Unutterable Madness and Decay of Wokeism?

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  2. Improbus says:

    The only thing that Trump did right during his administration was start the disengagement from China and solidify our trade relations with countries that can be good and complimentary trading partners.
    [Adimin: Nobody’s perfect. When criticizing a public figure it can be helpful to compare with the alternative. Compared to Biden, Trump is a frigging genius!]

    Wokeness will fix itself sooner or later. The fact is that it is stupid, not truly popular and not profitable. Nowhere is this more apparent than Hollywood. Hence the downward spiral of the Disney franchises (Star Wars, MCU, et al.).

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