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Space Alien Ambassador Unimpressed by Joe Biden

Yes, judging by its political class and by its elites in media, academia, and corporate culture, the US is in serious trouble. It doesn’t take a space alien to see that. A number of the global cities with highest homicide … Continue reading

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Black Teen Tries to Carjack Black Grandma

He gets beaten to within an inch of his life, goes to jail. When she cried for help, she recalled, neighbors came. “They all came out to help me,” she said. The suspect ran across the street but was caught … Continue reading

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Putin Turning Ukrainians into Sardaukar/Fremen Hybrid

The Coming Warriors of Ukraine Science fiction fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune will remember the renowned warriors from Salusa Secundus, the feared Sardaukar. In all the known universe only the Fremen on Arrakis possessed the skills and mindset to defeat … Continue reading

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Only 58% of Russian Men Live to Retirement

It is worth noting that, for example, in Sweden and Switzerland, 90% of men live to this age. In Russia, alcoholism, smoking, and drugs are considered the main factors of such a high mortality rate. __ Source Death rates are … Continue reading

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Complexity Correlates with GDP and IQ

Average IQ correlates with a nation’s GDP, and GDP correlates with economic and technological complexity. Joseph Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies details how societies grow in complexity as they solve problems that allow them to prosper. But if a … Continue reading

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You Must Read About 10,000 Books to Understand What is Happening; But These Videos Will Give a Head Start

The benefit of understanding the processes upholding our worlds, is that it becomes more difficult for our overlords to bamboozle and hornswoggle us. If we allow ourselves to be deceived over some particular issues, we may be signing our own … Continue reading

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Russia’s Forever War; Economic Consequences, More

New information on Russia’s economic predicament Russia has lost about 20 generals and almost 140,000 dead so far. The Kremlin is gearing up its offensive in Donbas in the hope of forcing a temporary cease-fire under advantageous conditions, to re-group … Continue reading

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High Rise Innovation: If You Can Build These Things in India and Detroit, You Can Build Them Anywhere!

This method of constructing high rise buildings does not require large cranes or dangerous high altitude iron work. Once the top level is erected, each subsequent floor is completed on the ground, then raised to fit in its place, like … Continue reading

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China’s Population Cut in Half: By 2050? By 2068? By 2100? China Aging Rapidly… What Does it Mean?

Predicting anything can be risky, but especially predicting the future. Falling census numbers and subsequent research have demographers predicting rapid drops in China’s population. Based on that data and an overall reluctance to have more kids, the country’s population could … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Renewable Energy: Adam Rozencwajg

In the video above, natural resource investor Adam Rozencwajg discusses the many reasons why renewable energy is a flat out loser and always will be. Rozencwajg has made a long study of energy resources and energy economics. He favors nuclear … Continue reading

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