High Rise Innovation: If You Can Build These Things in India and Detroit, You Can Build Them Anywhere!

This method of constructing high rise buildings does not require large cranes or dangerous high altitude iron work. Once the top level is erected, each subsequent floor is completed on the ground, then raised to fit in its place, like a 500 ton elevator car. Most of the construction can be automated, like an automated factory.

Semiconductor giant Intel first proved the novel high rise construction concept in 2017 on its campus in Bangalore, India. The time-lapse video below shows how it is done:

Meanwhile in downtown Detroit, Michigan, on a lot too small to use conventional high rise construction methods, Barton Marlow construction company is erecting a high rise residential building using the LIFTbuild vertical manufacturing method almost identical to the method used by Intel in India.

These buildings can be built faster, safer, with far less labor, and on a smaller land footprint than if conventional high rise construction were used. In fact, if you wanted to build a city in the middle of nowhere from scratch, you could construct several buildings simultaneously using a small labor force — if you had the materials, electric power, and fuel required. Conversely, if you wanted to build a “city within a city,” this approach allows you to use every bit of land available.

LIFTbuild’s vertical manufacturing approach aims to transform how the world is built. Traditionally, construction has been among the most static industries, using many of the same building methods first adopted in the 19th century.  LIFTbuild will catapult the construction industry forward by providing opportunities for a safer, quality-driven, and more efficient project site.

LIFTbuild works by utilizing structural, concrete spines, and steel/concrete framed decks for floorplates. Each floor of a building is assembled at the ground level and lifted up the spines, where they’re subsequently locked into place. The fit-out is accomplished in a fully enclosed and conditioned space, while the lower floors are built below. The assembly process is designed to maximize cost and schedule savings while providing a safe, efficient, and highly productive work environment.

LIFTbuild Vertical Manufacturing Methodology

The LIFTbuild method is less expensive than traditional high rise construction for many reasons, including saving time by making it easier to stick to schedule. This saves significantly on current and future financing.

The Detroit project completed its first “lift” in spring of 2022. It is scheduled to complete its final lift this coming spring.

Automated Construction on Mars

Learning to automate construction on Earth is one step toward automating construction on Mars, the moon, and other locations in the solar system. On Mars and Luna, the building materials are plentiful, once we learn how to use them effectively.

Once the method is perfected, mining and construction robots will be dropped from orbit, where they can begin building the colonists’ habitats, workshops, and laboratories autonomously.

“The whole reason to do that is, it’s too expensive to ship materials to Mars,” Malott said to Space.com. “We want a place for the astronauts to stay in,” he added. When we are ready to send humans to live on the surface of Mars, they will need somewhere to live. But construction equipment and materials are large and heavy, and it would be both difficult and extremely expensive to send them to another planet.

Buildings on Mars have “to be made robotically in advance of the astronauts arriving using materials made from Mars,” Malott added.


3d print building construction on Earth

Stop Wasting Terrestrial Resources on Wind, Solar, Climate Apocalypse

Advanced western governments are wasting hundreds of $billions on technologies that don’t work. The final costs will be in the $trillions, once humans finally come to terms with their grand folly. Those are scarce resources which might have gone toward building an abundant and expansive human future. Instead, the money is going to politically connected billionaires who have close ties to government, corporate media, high tech corporations, and other social institutions including universities and publishing.

Climate change is not the same thing as “climate apocalypse.” But it is the apocalypse which is being sold to us — being crammed down our throats — by our overlords in government, media, education, and the other social institutions.

Our most precious resource is the human cognitive resource, which is being rapidly depleted due to the failure of intelligent humans to procreate. This depletion is in part due to the apocalyptic panic that is actively instigated around the issue of climate apocalypse.

We need all of our precious resources to face the genuine challenges in front of us. We cannot afford to squander them on the hobgoblins of fanatical ideologues.

Civilization is Upheld by Force

Prolific science fiction author Robert Heinlein understood that an orderly civilization does not just happen, nor can it sustain itself without considerable force and resources. But our new leftist overlords either cannot understand this, or they do not care one way or another. Once beautiful cities are falling into ruin, one after another, due to the failure of the new breed of leftist government to heed the unpleasant truths of human social order.

Civilization, in the end, is upheld by force. In areas where anarchy is of an unusual degree, a higher degree of force is needed. It really is that simple. Rather than confront violence in the hood, the Left blames whites and further hamstrings already demoralized, overworked cops. The result will be more disorder and, ultimately, the need for more heavy-handed policing in the communities that need it most. 

Making Water Run Uphill

To maintain an advanced society one needs these critical infrastructures:

Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Intermittent unreliable energy sectors such as wind and solar, are disruptive and destructive to the vital electric power infrastructure of every advanced nation. Every government that mandates these exorbitantly expensive and catastrophically destructive technologies, is guilty of sabotaging the futures of its own people — for the sake of the corrupt financial gain of the politically connected.

Underlying all Critical Infrastructure is the Cognitive Infrastructure

If through our own ideological stupidity and selfishness we lose our collective cognitive ability to sustain our own advanced critical infrastructures — no matter what the “reasons” we give — we probably deserve our downfall, and the downfalls of all of the less advanced societies around the world that depend upon our cognitive output.

It may be possible for artificial intelligence to partially make up for the steady degradation of our cognitive infrastructure. We seem to be automating everything from heavy construction, manufacturing, and drug discovery, to the composition of music, art, and literature. As long as humans are around to fine tune, modify, and maintain the AI and the robotic machinery, then several nations are capable of maintaining economic output for some time while suffering from a critically dwindling human population.

The nation’s cognitive infrastructure includes the mental capacities of our citizens and the decision-making ability of people, organizations and our government. It also includes the information channels used to feed our decision-making capabilities and the education and training systems used to prepare people and organizations for critical thinking.

Our cognitive infrastructure is threatened in ways few of us ever imagined just a few years ago. Old style propaganda has been modernized and is now being aided by advanced technologies and new information dissemination methods.

Another Perspective of Cognitive Infrastructure

One example of the risk of cognitive infrastructure is when most of a nation’s advanced technical and scientific training in universities is being devoted to foreign students, rather than domestic.

Never stop learning. Pay attention to what the information gatekeepers are trying to tell you, and what they are trying to keep you from hearing. Think for yourself.

We are passing through a stage where the overlords of government, media, academia, corporations, and other cultural institutions are trying to restrict the free flow of information at all levels of society — including among scientists and technologists. These overlords are also diverting large quantities of scarce resources to deal with artificially created phantasms — to the great economic and political benefit of well connected political donors, puppet-masters, and information gatekeepers.

It is nothing new, but it is getting worse, and the numbers of cognitively capable and potentially enlightened persons available to overthrow the suffocating oligarchy of extinction, are shrinking.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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