Only 58% of Russian Men Live to Retirement

It is worth noting that, for example, in Sweden and Switzerland, 90% of men live to this age. In Russia, alcoholism, smoking, and drugs are considered the main factors of such a high mortality rate. __ Source

Death rates are up, birth rates are down. Disregarding the travels to and from Russia of its citizens, in absolute terms Russia is losing about 1 million ethnic Russians to excess deaths over births, every year.

Russia has plenty of propaganda, but people cannot live on propaganda for long, nor can propaganda raise dead Russians from the grave.

Since Russian forces extended the invasion of Ukraine last February, between 5 and 10 million Russians left the country to avoid the unpleasantness of war — including conscription, repression, and lack of profitable employment. Russia has lost well over 100,000 dead in the fighting, and another 150,000 have been wounded, captured, mutinied, or deserted.

Russia is trying to recoup some of its population losses by kidnapping Ukrainians from the temporarily Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine. Russia’s orphanages are famous for the appalling conditions that prevail there. Russia’s “baby-drop” method of infant abandonment is famous around the world. Russians do not tend to adopt their many abandoned children, but allow them to languish in degrading conditions in abusive orphanages.

Russia’s people are slipping away, one way or another, and when they are replaced by Muslims from central Asia, these Muslims do not see the Russian empire the same way as the old, dying ethnic Russians that they are replacing. Russia’s ongoing loss of power and prestige has just begun.

Russia’s population pyramid is distinctly inverted. Putin planned to annex a nation of 44 million people into Russia, enriching the decrepit and corrupt empire with young blood and rich natural resources. But the Kremlin has lost that hope and is reduced to crushing Ukrainian civilian infrastructure using long range missiles and suicide drones.

Russia will learn that the devastation it serves to its cousins in Ukraine can be returned to mother Russia with a vengeance. The reciprocal crushing of Russia will be regrettable, but predictable.

Most Russians — if given accurate information — would be less than enthusiastic about sending their sons to conduct a self-defeating genocidal style war against their Slavic cousins. Slavic cousins who will neither forgive nor forget.

Can Russia Recover?

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