Space Alien Ambassador Unimpressed by Joe Biden

US In Trouble

Yes, judging by its political class and by its elites in media, academia, and corporate culture, the US is in serious trouble. It doesn’t take a space alien to see that. A number of the global cities with highest homicide rates are in the US. And with political leaders like Biden and the mayors of most large US cities, expect some of those murder rates to get worse as intellectual and moral decay sweeps across the “woke lands”.

But what about the main US global rivals, China and Russia? According to reliable sources, they are not doing so well themselves.

First of all, one of the world’s most rapidly collapsing demographics, Russia. What is really going on with Russia’s economy, behind the Russian propaganda?

The only shocking thing about the above report is how deeply corrupt the IMF and World Bank have become in supporting the national propaganda of the mafia state in Moscow. You know Putin is lying because his mouth is open and is making noises. Or, at least someone who looks a lot like Putin.

What about China? Demographically, China has a lot more people, and the average IQ of the Chinese people is about 5 IQ points higher than the average IQ of the Russian population. You might think that China would last a lot longer than Russia — at least long enough to grab a big piece of Siberia!

Peter Zeihan recently told Joe Rogan that China has about 10 more years before it must either disintegrate — as has often happened throughout history — or it must come under new management.

Predicting anything is very tricky, but especially predicting the future. Talk to those who have been predicting peak oil, the second coming, environmental collapse, climate apocalypse, etc. for the past 150 years!

We Almost Lost Texas

Texas has a power grid that is largely separated from the power grids of the rest of North America. If the entire Texas power grid went dark — as it almost did in a recent winter — it might take several weeks to get it back up. And all the wind & solar installations in the world would not help raise Texas from the dead. Low grade energy from wind & solar farms cannot black start a total grid collapse.

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