The World Without Russia

Along with the catastrophic demographic fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, comes the possibility that Russia may be due for a USSR style disintegration — a la 1991.

With all of Russia’s men and weapons trapped inside Ukraine, Russia is helpless against any outside attack. The entire nation is seeing widespread degradation, and the looming death of Putin may be the trigger that sets everything off.

Putin’s disintegrating health

Collapse of Russian space program

Russian Navy sinking

Wagner Group dumps violent felons onto streets of Moscow

A marked decline in commerce

Anger at loss of Kalibr missiles in Crimea… Leading up to the southern counter-offensive

Putin blames “mind control” by western nations for his decision to invade Ukraine… He has since implanted a Faraday cage under his scalp which helps, but he gets these headaches…

In other news:

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  1. I am waiting for this headline: China takes all Russian land East of the Urals.

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