What are These Woke Little Babies Afraid Of?

Leftist crybabies are afraid of a free and open dialogue. When they go to college, they demand safe spaces that are free from any challenging or offensive ideas. No one told them that life is one long series of challenges and potential offenses. College was originally a place for people to go who wanted to learn to think for themselves in a world of free and open ideas where anything goes.

On the rare occasion that the following video is shown on college campuses, the woke leftist crybabies come out to prevent inquiring minds from seeing or hearing the ideas in the documentary.

It is a documentary by black political activist Candace Owens. It is meant to provide a counter-narrative to the dominant Black Lives Matter/Antifa story that has been force-fed to the general public and college students everywhere. The summer US riots of 2020 followed naturally from the orthodox narrative that dominated corporate media and university classrooms.

The dominant woke-left narrative does not tolerate contrarian points of view. We might be tempted to assume that this woke-left intolerance and hyper-fragility is something new that has come along in the past ten years or so. But actually, the violent intolerance of leftists ejaculating out of universities is a direct outgrowth of leftist intolerance that emerged immediately after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that began in 1917.

IQ researcher Volkmar Weiss has written a remarkably revealing and informative book entitled “IQ Means Inequality.” The book is required reading for anyone who wants to understand much of the early philosophical origins of the contemporary woke-left movement. The portion of the book dealing first hand with the communist East German government’s struggle over the genetics of IQ vs. “the forced equality of everyone” opens a sunny window on the thought processes that underlie today’s prophets of woke. Needless to say, any government that goes down that road will either reverse course strongly, or will collapse into ruins.

Chairman Mao’s 1966 Cultural Revolution was another famous “woke revolution” in the attempt to destroy innate meritocracy and to initiate a top-down ordering of society on the basis of ideological purity. Once again, Mao’s grand attempt ended in ruinous failure and the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese when governmental incompetence was converted into famine.

Another aspect of woke insanity: The trans revolution that dominates school systems from K thru U. A lot of heads are going to roll when society wakes from this malignant trance.

The trans revolution is merely an extension of the leftist post-modern idea that everything is a social construct — including race, gender, science, math, economics, and anything else. According to these woke-left overlords, nothing is real until they tell you it is real.

Things are getting interesting, not least because of the grand alliance of government, media, academia, corporations, and most other social institutions, to overturn the established order in every possible way.

Much of this woke-left insanity has been underwritten by Russian and Chinese agencies. Much of the rest is underwritten by Soros-aligned European and Anglospheric foundations, non-profits, and leftist political parties in North America, UK, Europe, and Oceania.

As I said, things are getting interesting. Unfortunately it does not look as if we can sit this one out.

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