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Island Home Saga Continues

First it was the razor wire along the top of the fence between the Schmidts and adjacent properties — including that of Al Fin’s family. Then it was the guard towers at the Schmidt property corners, with remote controlled cameras, … Continue reading

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When Will We Ever Know What’s True?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The western world is in the middle of a year + game of playing the fool to governments, media, public health agencies, and the rest of the gang … Continue reading

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Are You In An Abusive Relationship? You Soon Will Be

A person can be in an abusive relationship with another person, with her employer, or with the government that controls her very freedom. This chart provides some information that can help a person determine whether they are in an abusive … Continue reading

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Don’t Belittle Those You Will Have a Use For

What is belittling?  Belittling is the intentional act of making another feel worthless, empty, and dismissed.  It is one of many forms of psychological and emotional abuse.  Belittling another often creates a personal emptiness and void.  It can create a … Continue reading

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