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Food is Abundant: Why are Shelves Empty?

Why the Bare Shelves? These people apparently do not know the difference between a low-grade respiratory virus pandemic, and a full-blown global catastrophe. Almost 12.5 million people have died on Earth in 2020 so far, and about 8,000 of those … Continue reading

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Did Potatos Save the World?

At up to 50 tonnes per hectare, the potato is the king of crop yields. Only bananas come close — but bananas only grow in the tropics. Potatoes are grown around the world, in almost all climates. After the high … Continue reading

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Cash Crops Around the World

Farmers are not in the business just for their health. Besides sometimes growing much of the food that they eat, farmers also need cash to buy the tools of the trade, as well as for everyday dry goods and occasional … Continue reading

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Famine, Pestilence, War, Death: Shorter Growing Seasons

Famine and pestilence go hand in hand, and the threat of famine can trigger war. Death on a large scale usually follows. Warm Weather: Longer Growing Seasons Ever since the “Little Ice Age,” the Earth has experienced a warming trend, … Continue reading

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What to Eat When All the Food is Gone

After TSHTF, most stored food supplies will rapidly dwindle and vanish. Livestock will be quickly butchered and eaten — although without freezers and food preservation skills, most of the meat will be wasted. Wild game will quickly disappear, and most … Continue reading

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Robots Inherit the Farm

The focus of automation in farming has shifted from assisting humans to replacing them More The average age of Japanese farmers is 67. Across all developed countries, the average age of growers is 60. Robotics and automation technologies are just … Continue reading

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How to Eat Well During Ice Ages, Nuclear Winters, and Other Global Disasters

The World Just Ended: Whatever Are You Going to Cook for Dinner Tonight? No more Chinese takeout. No pizza delivery. No Mexican drive thru. And forget about sit-down restaurants! The world as you know it is gone. If you want … Continue reading

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