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Why Bother Having a Family?

As swamp creatures and their parasitic fellow travelers seize upon their latest US power play triumph, the basic human undertaking of starting and raising families is likely to become far more difficult and expensive. You have to really want it, … Continue reading

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A Complex Family Heritage

The discovery of a new ancient human ancestor is still in its primitive stages. But early indicators hint that the ghost population shared a common ancestor with Neanderthals, modern humans and Denisovans around a million years ago. And at some … Continue reading

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Is Culture as Malleable As We Feared?

Perhaps not, if this study published yesterday in Nature Human Behaviour is to be believed. Study researchers compared rates of cultural evolution vs. rates of biological evolution. … most culture is subject to “directional and stabilising forces”… – even creating … Continue reading

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Columbus Brought Peace to the Violent Americas

Before Europeans arrived in the Americas, tribal warfare and human torture/sacrifice was widespread. The high rates of homicide in Latin American nations can seem shocking to observers, until they consider that before Columbus opened the door to Europeans, the Americas … Continue reading

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Africa: Can the Dark Continent Find its Own Level?

For quite some time, outsiders have been trying to save Africa from itself — to “uplift” Africans to higher levels of achievement than they had been capable of on their own. Most recently, the Chinese have been inundating Africa with … Continue reading

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