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Coming for Your Women

Some claim that World War III is about capturing brains rather than territory, and there is some merit to the claim. But there are many ways to capture another nation’s brains. One way is to provide better working and living … Continue reading

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Imbalance Leads to Instability Leads to War

Weakness Feeds into Imbalance in Positive Feedback Loop Warning: For reasons mentioned in passing below — and for other reasons not mentioned — everything the would-be superpower tries to do to project strength, is simply making it weaker in every … Continue reading

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Some Reasons for High vs. Low Innovation Levels

Society needs to incorporate certain characteristics in order to get the most of its potential for innovation: Open and non-discriminatory market access and foreign direct investment policies; Science and R&D policies that spur innovation; Openness to domestic competition and new … Continue reading

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Global Demographic Decline Portends Fatal Skills Shortage

Demographic Decline Feeds into the Global Skills Shortage The skilled worker pinch is being felt from Europe to the Anglosphere to Asia to Africa to Russia to Latin America. An increasingly high tech global economic base requires large numbers of … Continue reading

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Chinese Looking for “Secrets of the Jews”

Why Are Jews so Successful in Science, Maths, and Business? In the sciences, Jews have won 22 percent of all the Nobel Prizes ever awarded – 29 percent of the prizes since 1950, after the Holocaust destroyed a third of … Continue reading

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Why Russia and China Can’t Innovate

Russia and China Disappoint Once upon a time, Russia and China were considered the economic powerhouses of the future. Those two bright stars — along with the rest of the BRICS and Turkey — were supposed to propel the global … Continue reading

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Why Russia Will Conquer the World

Russians are a tough and hardy people who laugh at hardship. If essential services such as schools, road repairs, healthcare, and public toilets in the Moscow Metro have to be cut to pay for wars abroad, so be it. Russians … Continue reading

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Russia’s Problems Deeper than Previously Believed

life expectancy has been falling since 1964. So in the same period as the Soviet Union reached socialist near utopia with full employment and universal health care—but when the state broke any impulse to freedom—its citizens began the slow slide … Continue reading

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After the Dam Breaks, the Deluge

All signs point to the eventual collapse of Putin’s regime.… When the rotten Russian dam breaks, as it inevitably will, only strong and stable non-Russian states will be able to contain the flooding, shielding the rest of the world from … Continue reading

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Nature of Russia’s Brain Drain is Changing

As Russia edges closer toward a political, economic, and territorial collapse, the number of professionals, businessmen, and creative artists leaving Russia is likely to angle upwards yet again. … the profile of the typical emigrant has changed. When the Soviet … Continue reading

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Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

Global Suicide Map — Image Source: Chartsbin There is plenty of discontent in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. But much of the focus of massive discontent this winter centres on Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is bleeding and apt to suffer … Continue reading

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Incredible Shrinking Russia

The Incredible Shrinking Russian Army … the Russian military is seen as a crippled institution and one not likely to get better any time soon. With so many of the troops now one year conscripts, an increasing number of the … Continue reading

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Russian Economy Smaller than California’s

For Russia to be a world super-power, it must battle far above its economic weight class. Eventually this burden will prove far too onerous for the Russian people — particularly if Putin’s regime continues to fuel capital flight, brain drain, … Continue reading

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Capital Flight and Brain Drain: Is China in as Much Trouble as Russia?

No. China’s numbers may be worse than Russia’s, but China has a lot more talent and capital to lose than Russia. In the end, China will eat Russia’s lunch (Siberia). Over the last few years, the situation has become worse. … Continue reading

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China’s Economy Blowing More Bubbles; Russian Brains and Capital Flee

“I think Chinese property is the Titanic about to crash into the iceberg right in front of it,” Pan Shiyi, billionaire chairman of commercial developer SOHO China, said at a forum, China Business News reported. __ NZHerald China’s economy may … Continue reading

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What Is the Truth About Conditions in Russia? Russians Voting With Their Feet

A senior researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences says he cannot survive on his monthly salary of $450. He has left Russia for a university in Japan. A family of four has purchased one-way tickets to Boulder, Colorado. They … Continue reading

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