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Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life is Making Waves

All children should be trained along the lines of Peterson’s 12 rules, but Dangerous Children in particular. This valuable book unlocks a treasure trove of deep learning and insight which required Peterson decades of study and struggle to uncover and … Continue reading

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Oh Canada: What Will Happen to All Your Pieces?

Trudeau’s Election Shows Canada as a Frivolous Country In today’s world a frivolous government is a deadly hazard to its people. And a frivolous government is exactly what Canadians elected for themselves. So how much longer can Canada exist as … Continue reading

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Canada and Australia Each Have Larger Economies Than Russia

It is not that Canada and Australia have grown so awfully much. Rather, Russia’s economy has shrunk from a rough parity with Italy, to a rough parity with Spain — a loss of the greater part of $1 trillion of … Continue reading

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