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Why Do Large Bureaucracies Behave Stupidly?

The shale energy revolution points out a weakness of large bureaucracies: They are unable to move quickly in an environment of risk and low margins. Exxon did not develop the Texas and North Dakota shale fields, but smaller and quicker … Continue reading

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Is This What Europe is Committing Suicide Over?

Contemporary “climate science” is more about computer models than the actual mechanisms of climate. In the graphic above, you can see a comparison between actual temperature observations vs the temperature projections of 90 climate models. (See Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog … Continue reading

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Europe: Just One Cold Winter from Frozen Oblivion?

As Europe plunges headlong into dependency on unreliable and intermittent sources of energy — wind/solar — the fearsome spectre of a killing cold winter begins peeking over the time horizon. Leading up to winter, various countries of Europe have been … Continue reading

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An Amazing Opportunity for Science to Clean Up Its Own Act

The climate models that predicted a very small natural variability and that were used to fit the hockey stick temperature records cannot fit the recent proxy GST reconstructions casting doubts on their accuracy. __ Earth Science Reviews Something wonderful happened … Continue reading

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Abstaining from Electricity for Lent, When Lent Lasts All Year

In the modern age of risky green mandates, intermittent wind and solar energy are pushed onto the grid when available — then drop off of the grid at sporadic and unpredictable intervals. More reliable power plants capable of being turned … Continue reading

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Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So Part III

One popular delusion among leftist greens is that industrial wind farms and giant solar arrays will soon replace coal, nuclear, and gas power plants in modern societies. In this case, as in many others, everything they think they know just … Continue reading

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