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Build Your Own Weapons, Like a Dangerous Child

Electromagnetic projectile launchers called railguns are what many in the military are hoping will be the weapon of the future. A railgun doesn’t use traditional projectile propellants like gunpowder or explosives, but instead they use electromagnetic fields to propel projectiles … Continue reading

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On the Amsterdam – Paris Train: What Would a Dangerous Child Do?

There was no time to plan, they said, no time even to think. “We just kind of acted. There wasn’t much thinking going on,” Skarlatos said. “At least on my end.” __ Muslim Terrorist on Train When confronted … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Child: Making Government Superfluous

Republished from The Dangerous Child blog Most of us enjoy living in prosperous and harmonious societies. We want to believe that we can sleep soundly in our homes without fear of being invaded and brutalised — and that our automobiles … Continue reading

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Kids Should Learn To Take Care of Themselves

If a child has never learned to look out for herself, she is likely to find herself at the mercy of Muslim rape gangs, violent bullies, and all types of other predators. In the short video clip to the left, … Continue reading

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Growing the Master Race

The fear is that germ-line engineering is a path toward a dystopia of superpeople and designer babies for those who can afford it… _MIT Technology Review If germ-line engineering becomes part of medical practice, it could lead to transformative changes … Continue reading

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Manly Skills and the Art of Manliness

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Little Girls Pay for College: Trading on Natural “Assets”

US college loan debt has shot above $1 trillion, with no sign of coming down to Earth. More and more young girls are being pressed to go to college by teachers, parents, and society in general — whether the girls … Continue reading

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Governments: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Kill Them

Some countries allow more freedom and opportunity for their citizens and residents than others. Some nations are more prosperous and welcoming than others. By observing the flow of talented and ambitious emigrants and immigrants, one can get a general measurement … Continue reading

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How Many Can be Saved from the Coming Idiocracy?

The global Idiocracy is growing and expanding rapidly. First, within the same nation, women with high intelligence are not breeding as fast as women with lower intelligence. Further, people in nations with low average intelligence are breeding much more quickly … Continue reading

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Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome: Fear the Climate Apocalypse

Image Source: Survival Tips for Surviving Climatic Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder Most of us can remember what it was like to fear the monsters hiding under the bed or in the closet. Parents or older siblings helped us to overcome … Continue reading

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Dangerous Children Love to Move

Movement is a vital part of infancy and childhood, for boys and for girls. Children often show an aptitude for rhythmic movement long before learning to crawl, or walk. This capacity should be adapted into purposeful dance and other movement … Continue reading

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Homemade Firearms: $1200 CNC Mill Makes AR-15 Lower Receiver

Get yours now, because the price will soon go up to $1500. Defense Distributed is now selling a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the “Ghost Gunner”—that can complete an unfinished lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part of a … Continue reading

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Freedom’s Just Another Word for Something More to Learn

Dangerous Children Master at least 3 Different Ways to Support Themselves Financially By Their 18th Birthday: And That is Just the Beginning When young persons are confident that they can move skillfully through the world according to a trajectory of … Continue reading

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Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, and Control

Dangerous Children learn a lot more than how to be dangerous, and how to support themselves financially at least three different ways by age 18. By age 18, some of them have finished college, while others will find their ways … Continue reading

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In Contrast to The Tiger Mom: A Slitty Eye Approach to Child Raising

Many elements of The Dangerous Child approach to child-raising also pop up unexpectedly in other places, times, and cultures. Consider this approach, from The Slitty Eye blog: All the tiger mom talk we see, I felt that what is missing … Continue reading

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Send Your Child to Prison Instead of College

College is becoming more and more expensive. But the advantages of going to college are diminishing by the year. After TEOTWAWKI — The End of The World As We Know It — your kids will need an entirely different skill … Continue reading

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Combat Training for Dangerous Children: Never Too Early, Never Too Late

When is the best time to begin training a child to defend himself and his loved ones? Before he is born. But for now we will focus on when and how children should be trained to be ready for combat, … Continue reading

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The Swiss Resistance Strikes Again

The Swiss resistance convinced Hitler to keep his bloody hands off Switzerland in WWII. Now the Swiss are once again standing up against outside invasion. This time, the Swiss resistance is serving to bolster a Europe-wide resistance against a veritable … Continue reading

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Who Stole Our Rites of Passage?

Is Decay of Society Directly Linked to Lack of Meaningful Rites of Passage? In traditional societies, life is full of rites of passage — public affirmations of a person’s movement through life. Some spare remnants of traditional passage rites continue … Continue reading

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Telling the Truth Can Get You Erased

Remember how history was erased and re-written every day by the Ministry of Truth, in Orwell’s 1984? Something very similar is taking place all around us, says Handle of Handle’s Haus blog. Another example The truth has never been popular … Continue reading

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Monsters in the Pencil Box

Dr. Harris did an experiment where children imagined a monster in the box instead of pencils. They still said that the monster wasn’t real, but when the experimenter left the room, they moved away from the box—just in case… _ … Continue reading

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Abject Helplessness is Indistinguishable from Laziness or Stupidity

Teenagers… [a]re not worth very much as workers. They’re lazy, scatterbrained, unable to remember instructions and have no callouses on their soft hands. So really, why would anyone want to hire these unformed humans and begin the arduous process of … Continue reading

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Can a Society of Sissies Survive in a Violent World?

A good man is hard to find. An Al Fin Dangerous Child is even harder to find, in this day and age. Many people think that westerners are raising entire new generations of nothing but sissies. When you consider the … Continue reading

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How Old Should Children Be Before Learning to Make Bombs?

Re-published from a previous article in the original Al Fin blog According to a report in the Wednesday edition of the Lübecker Nachrichten newspaper, [a] 39-year-old teacher, who has not been named, made gunpowder together with his students who then … Continue reading

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On the Heinlein Scale of Competence, You May Not Even Register

Widely respected science fiction author Robert Heinlein stocked his novels with competent protagonists, who successfully dealt with all kinds of deadly dangers. He once provided a description of his idea of a competent human: “A human being should be able … Continue reading

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