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Demographics is destiny

China’s Dizzy Decline Will Lead to War

China is heading for economic decline as its working age population crashes before the nation can find the innovation and worker productivity it desperately needs. China has been trying to make up for its ongoing decline by the accumulation of … Continue reading

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The Demographic Bomb, The Groupthink Idiocracy, The Dysgenic Flood, The Unexpected Future

Ultimately, it comes down to our view of humanity. We must, Austin Williams has suggested, decide whether humanity represents “the biggest problem on the planet” or the “creators of a better future.” We still have the ability to raise living … Continue reading

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Don’t Look Now, But Russia is Dying

Russia needs more people, fast! …Russia is dying. It’s been well-established that Russia has suffered from a severe brain-drain in recent decades, but what is perhaps less obvious is that the nation’s population is declining at an alarming rate. Russia … Continue reading

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Russian Census Reveals Putin Secret Population Plan

The latest 10 year Russian census showed a surprise increase in the Russian population of almost 1.5%! This looks like good news for Russia until you look behind the curtain to see how it happened. When you understand Putin’s magic … Continue reading

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Leaving Russia Behind

It is not just these western companies that are getting out as quickly as they can. It is Russia’s more capable and intelligent people who can read the writing on the wall, and are getting out of Dodge while the … Continue reading

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Peter Zeihan: Global Famine, Depression, War Coming

Peter Zeihan predicted Putin’s invasion of Ukraine when most analysts thought the little dictator was bluffing. Now he is predicting the aftermath. Read his books, and you can see why Zeihan and his readers may be the only ones who … Continue reading

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Urbanization, Fertility, and Aging: Demography Primer

Urbanization contributes to decreased fertility. Decreased fertility leads to an aging population. The video below is an excellent primer on these most significant demographic trends. It is not only Japan, Russia, Italy, and Spain with shrinking populations. That trend is … Continue reading

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A Russian Twilight: Harsh Reality vs. Putin’s Bluster

Top Soviet-Era General Tells Putin to Resign Over Ukraine [Top Soviet Era General} Ivashov’s solution: Fire Putin if he can’t be forced to resign and, if necessary, put him in prison for his “criminal policy of provoking war.”  Of course, … Continue reading

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More Black Babies Die; More Black Babies Live

In the US, more than 10 black infants out of a thousand die, from one cause or another (see image). That is about twice as many infant deaths as we find in most other races in the US. But if … Continue reading

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Is World Population In Terminal Decline?

This ticking time bomb is not going away, no matter how intently we ignore it. The change may take decades, but once it starts, decline (just like growth) spirals exponentially. With fewer births, fewer girls grow up to have children, and … Continue reading

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Scarcity of Wit and the Coming Age of Chaos

Ancient empires including Greece, Rome, Egypt, and India, left behind some magnificent ruins. I wonder how soon it can be said that our civilization did the same. At the rate we are moving into the age of chaos, it may … Continue reading

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A Spectrum of Homelessness in the US

Brief Summary: Homelessness in the US comes from many causes. Each cause of homelessness — whether bad luck, drug addiction, mental illness, or the phenomenon of the criminal transient who chooses to be homeless and prey on weaker homeless — … Continue reading

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When a Thoughtful Democrat Goes to a Trump Rally

She is an organizational psychologist who uses Zen and mindfulness in her work. She enjoys knitting as a form of relaxation. But when her small group of New England knitters and political compatriots erupted in outpourings of political hatred, she … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants to be Married; Can’t Afford Children

We recently discussed the demographic crises in Japan, South Korea, and parts of Europe. In the close vicinity of both Japan and South Korea, is another nation that is unprepared for the sudden shrinkage of its working class population. “It’s … Continue reading

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People are Dying for Company: What is the Solution?

Japan is withering and growing old for lack of children. Few are getting married which means that few babies are being born. The problem is spreading to other countries: Believe it or not, the West may not be far behind: … Continue reading

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In California You Must Have Solar Panels

As of January 1, 2020, all new houses built in California must incorporate photovoltaic panels in the construction. This government mandate is expected to add between $9,000 and $20,000 to the cost of each new home. Median home prices in … Continue reading

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Sweden Kills its Own Elderly to Make Way for Violent and Hapless Immigrants

Sweden: No Place for Old Men or Old Women Sweden is importing violence, unemployment, and quasi-genocide. For ideological reasons, Sweden’s elite have opened the door to uneducated, unskilled immigrants from violent parts of the world. As a consequence, Sweden’s municipalities … Continue reading

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The End of Babies, and Other Misc.

Around the developed world, economic pressures are suppressing birth rates and rates of new family formation. In the US, student loan debt plays a large role. In China and Russia, general economic conditions are harsh. In Europe, a dark malaise … Continue reading

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Working Age Populations Crash: What Does It Mean?

Compare the changes in working age populations for 8 nations in the graphs below. In the first graph we see the changes between 1990 and 2019. In the second graph we see changes projected for working age populations between 2019 … Continue reading

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US State of Maine Faces Demographic Squeeze

Why Maine Will Have “an Easier Catastrophe” of It Demographic catastrophes should always be viewed in relative terms: “Compared to what?” When compared to utter extinction, a demographic squeeze involving more old people to take care of and fewer young … Continue reading

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Women Not Dying on the Job Quickly Enough? A Question of Gender Parity

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, in 2015, men dominated the 20 most dangerous occupations in the United States. Logging is the most dangerous job in the U.S., followed by fishing. Mining is the 20th most dangerous profession. More … Continue reading

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The Future Belongs to Women of Child-Bearing Years

If your country has no women of child-bearing years, it has no future without massive immigration. But if you import large numbers of young people who are not compatible with your culture and your technological level of culture and infrastrucuture, … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News

Good News: World Keeps Not Ending According to the loudest prognosticators of the past few centuries, the world should not exist. Our ancestors should have died in uncounted fiery religious conflagrations. The planet should have been destroyed by nuclear apocalypse, … Continue reading

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Why President Trump is Determined to Spank Chairman Xi

Update: China’s Great Leap Backward China Enters a Stage of Vulnerability Here are some vulnerabilities, all of them affecting China’s economy and the Communist dictatorship’s ability to project power. Corruption challenges the dictatorship’s legitimacy. Managing the complex economy and addressing … Continue reading

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Why Is It That They Can Only Destroy?

Resilient Populations Some populations have the capacity to work their way up out of dire poverty — and some populations lack the capacity to lift themselves. After the utter destruction of Germany and Japan in World War II, and the … Continue reading

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