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Google Makes Another Huge Blunder: Firing Damore

First Mistake: They Forced Him to Go to a “Diversity Seminar” Harvard and MIT trained engineer James Damore loved working for Google. He felt free to work on things he enjoyed doing, and liked the people he worked with. But … Continue reading

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Privileged, Arrogant Silicon Valley Goes Half Cocked

Deranged Supporters of Hillary also Sore Losers Silicon Valley calls for secession from America Tech CEOs and executives supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign most generously with financial largesse and copious verbiage. One might expect some degree of maturity in people who … Continue reading

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Robin Hood in Reverse: Buffett, Gates, Zuckerberg, Brin Steal From the Poor

Electricity Prices Set to Skyrocket Thanks to Rich Green Cronies We see it happening in Germany, Canada, South Australia, Spain, and wherever else it has been tried. Rapid politically-driven construction of big wind and big solar projects drives up the … Continue reading

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Is Google Out of Its Mind?

Not entirely, no. While Sergey Brin has wasted hundreds of $millions of Google money pursuing the futile dream of intermittent unreliable green energy — when even Google’s own engineers say Brin’s plan won’t work — Google may be doing other … Continue reading

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Al Fin Family of Blogs Update

This posting is updated from an original blog directory posting on the first Al Fin blog, (now blocked by Google). It is provided for new readers who may be unfamiliar with the background behind many of the ideas being discussed … Continue reading

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