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Do You Love Me, Little Serfer Girl?

… rich landowners were given a free reign to treat their workers as they wished. Many were cruel masters who operated in the knowledge that the peasants had little choice but to carry on in their employ, or leave and … Continue reading

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Poland Rising: Eyes Leadership Role in E. Europe

Over its long history, Poland has endured numerous changes of fortune. It has been often invaded and looted, with many of its best minds massacred by enemies wishing to destroy Poland’s ruling classes. But Poland has also — in heroic … Continue reading

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The Art of Peacefully Overthrowing Governments

Peaceful overthrow of an established government is an art, not a science. If you want to bring about a kindly revolution, you must know the nation and its people intimately, and act accordingly. When the government of Iceland was peacefully … Continue reading

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Past, Present, Future: Our Hidden Puppet Strings

We move through our present lives largely unaware of how strongly we are affected and controlled by our subconscious images of past and future. Imaginations of the future and memories of the past can affect us in the present in … Continue reading

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