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The Cutting Edge of Oil Prices?

Oil prices have never recovered to 1864 levels (in constant $US). Nevertheless, yearly – monthly – daily – hourly oil price fluctuations make a great deal of difference to various people and organisations. Sure, it matters to you when you … Continue reading

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Manage Your Slaves Using Mind Control

Scientists can already control the actions of mice with the push of a button on a wireless controller. But why bother pushing a button when you can just “think the control signals.” And why control mice, when you can control … Continue reading

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How Does One Trap Women and Girls in Order to Sell Them as Slaves?

In the safehouse, Yusef violently grabbed a beautiful dark-haired girl and groped her breast. The frightened girl smiled uncomfortably. Yusef said: “See how they respect me. They will do anything I say. We can provide girls cheaper than anyone else.” … Continue reading

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Can Russian Women Be Saved?

Hundreds of thousands of Russia’s best are leaving the country, for better opportunities abroad. Back in Russia, the millions who remain seem to be slipping back to a mindset of Stalinism, combined with an “us against the world” fanaticism that … Continue reading

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You Can Buy Women and Girls as Slaves for as Little as $25

Women and children are taken from Russia mostly for prostitution. Their number is estimated at 30,000- 60,000 a year [16]. According to the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, over the past two decades, over 500,000 women … Continue reading

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Sex Slavery vs. Prostitution: Two Different Animals

Some Russian girls, such as Svetlana, are lucky enough to achieve financial independence as prostitutes in the affluent west. But many others are stripped of their independence, and seized by traffickers who press them into sexual servitude. Anti-trafficking organizations said … Continue reading

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Can Affordable Sex Robots Save China?

China is facing an existential crisis. Due to government policy and societal preferences, China has a large excess of unmarried young men — all juiced up but no women in sight. In fact, China is in extreme danger of a … Continue reading

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High Value Trade Goods After the Apocalypse

Caution! The information below is intended for use in future planning after TSHTF. The activities described are mostly highly illegal at this time, and laws must be obeyed. Most prepper sites recommend things like silver coins, ammunition, fish hooks, seeds, … Continue reading

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