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In Africa, Birth Control is Slow to Catch On

In every African country, women are averaging fewer children now than their mothers had in 1990. But not by much: In Nigeria, it has taken 25 years for the birthrate to fall from 6.8 children per woman to six. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Global Demographics

Uneducated and unskilled populations are proliferating, while skilled and educated populations are dying off. [By 2050] there will be more Japanese over age 80 than under 15. Japan’s population – now 127 million – is expected to fall to 108 … Continue reading

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What Did One Terrorist Say to the Other Terrorist?

“We’ll always have Paris“ The most recent Paris terror attack — claimed by Islamic State — is unlikely to be the last Paris attack. France is becoming a hotbed of Islamism and Muslim fundamentalism. Paris — and France — can … Continue reading

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Urban World Utopia or Global Dysgenic Idiocracy?

By 2050, the World’s urban population will have increased from 3.9 billion to 6.4 billion, resulting in 67% of the world’s population inhabiting urban areas, up from the current level of 54%. Clearly, urbanization is already occurring, and it is … Continue reading

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Demographic Notes

Introduction Europe, and much of the rest of the advanced world, is undergoing a permanent transformation. After surviving the ambitions of Hitler, Stalin, and the Kaiser, shrinking populations of Europe are voluntarily surrendering — unconditionally — to more rapidly proliferating … Continue reading

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Is the Dark Enlightenment in Danger of Becoming Another Ideology?

In a very real sense, a philosophy is a way of life which may incorporate but does not embody a political agenda. On the other hand, ideology is usually based in theory, the precepts of which often have little or … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Materials, Plus: Future Forecasting Pitfalls

The path to disruptive science, technology, and industry is often blocked by the need for better materials — and better ways of combining and configuring different materials. We will take a look at a few recent breakthroughs in the making, … Continue reading

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Pessimism and Idiocracy Walk Hand in Hand

As the dysgenic Idiocracy settles over the global landscape, an almost universal cultural pessimism accompanies the progressive dumbing down of Europe, the Anglosphere, and the rest of the advanced world. Fertility rates decline with the general outlook. It seems reasonable … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels Forever?

Fossil Fuels are Abundant and Accessible Modern civilisation has grown up on hydrocarbon fuels. Coal, oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons have given human societies the extra boost they needed to raise the quality of lives for their citizens. Economic … Continue reading

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Passion, Curiosity, Imagination, Grit, Thinking Skills

Advice on Child-Raising from Peter Diamandis Physician Peter Diamandis is best known for his involvement in futuristic projects such as X Prize, Planetary Resources, and Singularity University. He is the co-author of the books: Abundance, the Future is Better than … Continue reading

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Radical Abundance vs. Decline and Collapse

You Are Not Likely to Starve Unless you live under a corrupt and incompetent government in Africa or a cruel dictatorship in North Korea, you are unlikely to starve to death. An abundant global excess of food is produced every … Continue reading

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Jews and Intermarriage: Spreading the Wealth

…it doesn’t matter much whether the assimilated, secularized Jews of Europe stay or leave, for most of their children and very few of their grandchildren will be Jewish. Among non-Orthodox French and British Jews, intermarriage rates are around 45%, not … Continue reading

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Deeper Undercurrents of Slowing Global Demand

The global economy never really recovered from the financial crash of 2007 – 2009. Artificial “stimulus” was applied to the economies of several nations, including the US and China. But the ground was not made fertile for a true “grass … Continue reading

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How Many Can be Saved from the Coming Idiocracy?

The global Idiocracy is growing and expanding rapidly. First, within the same nation, women with high intelligence are not breeding as fast as women with lower intelligence. Further, people in nations with low average intelligence are breeding much more quickly … Continue reading

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Germany and the Green Idiocracy

Winter is coming, and Germany isn’t ready. The Deutschland government has crafted policies that are driving German industry out of the country, reducing German jobs, and stalling the German economy in its tracks. … nearly a quarter of all companies … Continue reading

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In the Year 2121: Which Brains Will Rule the Earth?

In the first Part of the Next Human Century, Will the World be Ruled by Smart Human Brains, Dumb Human Brains (as is now the case), Dumber Human Brains (as in total dysgenic Idiocracy), Machine Brains, or Space Alien Brains? … Continue reading

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Disposing of the Corpse

Death is a normal part of the cycle of life. If one lives long enough, he is likely to see a good share of corpses. As the global Idiocracy descends upon human populations, it is particularly important for Dangerous Children … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart, the Centre Cannot Hold: Chaos is the Natural State

There are many reasons why once-thriving cities and regions become abandoned. Wars, earthquakes, and local resource depletion, are some of the most common causes. Nuclear power plant accidents in Ukraine and Japan have caused other abandonments. But if humans were … Continue reading

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Reforming Government: We’re Going to Need A Lot More Guillotines!

How Do We Decide How Many Guillotines Are Enough? Since 1990, the number of government workers has expanded by some five million to some twenty million… a growth rate roughly twice that of the population as a whole. … At … Continue reading

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Outer Space Optimism: A Retro Perspective on Human Expansion that is Long Overdue

Humans have always been a migratory race, constantly on the move to find better lands for hunting, grazing, agriculture, and other resources. As long as humans were subject to natural selection, the human peoples had a tendency to evolve new … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Idiocracy: Dysgenics in the US and Beyond

Any society will get more of what it subsidizes and less of what it taxes. _Peter Schiff Dysgenics is the decline in average human fitness due to excessive proliferation of low-fitness genotypes. Here we are looking at a genetically based … Continue reading

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Idiocracy: When the Lights Go Out

Would you survive an electrical power shutdown lasting several weeks or months? Millions of people across North America wouldn’t. … we believe it is more a question of “when” than “if.” A targeted cyber attack — either alone or combined … Continue reading

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Abject Helplessness is Indistinguishable from Laziness or Stupidity

Teenagers… [a]re not worth very much as workers. They’re lazy, scatterbrained, unable to remember instructions and have no callouses on their soft hands. So really, why would anyone want to hire these unformed humans and begin the arduous process of … Continue reading

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