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Drowning in the Shallows of Distraction?

The following article is adapted and re-published from The Dangerous Child blog. Choosing Between Shallow Distraction and Deep Work Deep Work is the ability to focus intensely on a problem for hours at a time, bringing all of your cognitive … Continue reading

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Not Work Safe

If You Thought the Internet Was Addictive Before, Take a Look at the Future Neuroscientists are concerned about the phenomenon of internet addiction, which has resulted in a number of deaths in Asia. The dopamine-fueled phenomenon of internet games, social … Continue reading

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Someone is Telling You What You Can Think, What You Can Read, What You Can Say . . .

Wherever there is censorship, book-burning, and propaganda, there are people behind the scenes who think they know better what you should be thinking, reading, and discussing, than you do yourself. It is still possible to find a broad range of … Continue reading

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A Modern Civilisation Without Working Power Grids and Internets?

The Congressional EMP Commission has repeatedly warned that a nuclear Scud missile launched from a freighter could prompt a U.S. blackout that would … last for at least a year, but kill nine in every 10 Americans. There are nearly … Continue reading

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End of the World Library to Help Things Reboot After TEOTWAWKI

You made it through the end of the world. Given enough time and care, you may find enough cooperative survivors to begin rebuilding. But how can you replace the knowledge that was lost when everything fell apart? You can’t, not … Continue reading

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Super Wi-Fi vs. Wireless Mesh Networks

Super Wi-Fi Super Wi-Fi is a US FCC term referring to the use of unused television spectrum to provide regional-area wireless broadband internet. It can provide broadband coverage to areas up to 50 miles in diameter radius, depending upon signal … Continue reading

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Russian Internet Capers: Apes and Trolls Abound

Russia has turned Internet trolling into a profession with full time workers getting paid $700 to $1,000 a month (plus bonuses for especially effective efforts) and working in office settings rather than from home. These professional troops mainly write in … Continue reading

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