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Why Do Blacks Destroy Almost Everything They Inherit?

Is it really true that African blacks leave a trail of violence, poverty, and destruction wherever in the world they go? And if it is true, why? … no one will talk about the painful fact that most African and … Continue reading

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Forced Sterilisation of African Women: Can We Stop It in Time?

If the people of one continent of Earth continue to pursue exponential population growth over the next century, the population of the planet could easily double or even triple. Radical environmentalists are feeling increasingly threatened by the inability of African … Continue reading

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Living in Grass Huts: Civilisation if Built by Women

The Tough Jobs That Civilisation is Built Upon These are jobs that are done overwhelmingly by men. They are tough and dirty jobs — they are Dangerous jobs. Women as a rule do not choose to do these jobs, but … Continue reading

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Emerging Ghost Malls, Hotels, Office Buildings and Cities of Africa

We usually think of China when contemplating “ghost cities” and other ghost real estate properties. But the Chinese propensity to build infrastructure far in advance of actual demand is not limited to the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese Communist Party wants … Continue reading

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Global Demographic Decline Portends Fatal Skills Shortage

Demographic Decline Feeds into the Global Skills Shortage The skilled worker pinch is being felt from Europe to the Anglosphere to Asia to Africa to Russia to Latin America. An increasingly high tech global economic base requires large numbers of … Continue reading

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Radical Abundance vs. Decline and Collapse

You Are Not Likely to Starve Unless you live under a corrupt and incompetent government in Africa or a cruel dictatorship in North Korea, you are unlikely to starve to death. An abundant global excess of food is produced every … Continue reading

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Today Africa; Tomorrow the World?

There are over 1 billion people living on the African continent, although you would never know it from a spaceship window over an African night. Europe, by contrast, has about 745 million people. But just look at the lights! There … Continue reading

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Addiction to Oil Profits is Choking the Life Out of Russkiye

… in Russia, the oil price problems have become entangled with the ruble that has been falling from record low to record low. There are many losers when a currency gets smashed. __Russias Probable Default … at least 1 percent … Continue reading

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Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, and Control

Dangerous Children learn a lot more than how to be dangerous, and how to support themselves financially at least three different ways by age 18. By age 18, some of them have finished college, while others will find their ways … Continue reading

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What We Should Learn from the Lack of Maintenance in Africa & the Rest of the Perennial Third World

All technology requires maintenance. When technology is not maintained, it eventually stops working as designed. This is a problem everywhere, but particularly in third world countries — especially Africa. White rule in South Africa ended in 1994. It was about … Continue reading

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Brave New World: Running Out of Other People’s Money

Image via Brian Wang at Nextbigfuture Looking at a world map of Total Fertility Rate by nation: We see that most of the world’s population growth over the next 40 or 50 years will take place in some of the … Continue reading

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Resilient Communities Require Practical Skills

When everything is running smoothly, very little thought is given to the people behind the scenes who support our modern technological society. But what happens when things break down, fall apart, and no one is there who can put them … Continue reading

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Beneath it All, A World of Blood and Soil

Life is hard, and then you die… _Adam, husband of Eve, when reflecting on their fall from grace Modern life comprises a long series of diversions, from the moment of birth onward. Sheltered and diverted from the adult world and … Continue reading

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Africa: Marching to Utopia, They are Almost There

Beginning around 2010, the world’s mainstream pundits began to sing a triumphant refrain. They called it “The African Miracle,” and declared a new and booming Africa, a world investment magnet for the smart global investor. The song is still being … Continue reading

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Imagine a World Without the Jobs That Men Do

A large number of occupations are performed mainly by men. Many of these jobs are not only dirty, but quite dangerous — quite possibly helping to explain why very few women apply to do these jobs. Here is a list … Continue reading

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