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Behold Venezuela! Bernie Sanders Country

Remember when Bernie Sanders said that the “American Dream” was more likely to be found in countries like Venezuela, than in the US? We are beginning to get a clearer picture of what Sanders must have meant when he said … Continue reading

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World Flooded With Low-Quality Youth

Of All the Varieties of “Doom,” Demographic Doom is Most Likely to Lead to Wars and Collapse … it’s the youth bulge that stands to put greater pressure on the global economy, sow political unrest, spur mass migration and have … Continue reading

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Pitiful Earthlings: Who Can Save You in 2016?

Will the Disintegration of the Russian Government Lead to Chaos? Robert D. Kaplan says yes, and there are many reasons to agree. A few optimists have other ideas: The looming disintegration of the Russian Federation would “not be a catastrophe … Continue reading

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