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Imagine There’s No Putin; Easy if You Try

Putin Has a Problem He has been stymied in his latest national acquisition, and he is having a tantrum. Now Putin wants to use artillery to pound Ukraine into dust. The civilian population of Ukraine is the real target of … Continue reading

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Special Ops and Military Information Support Ops

For eight years, multinational forces — including those of the US — have been training Ukrainian military forces to resist overt and covert incursions by Russian agents. US special ops [SOCOM] personnel have likewise worked with Ukrainian forces to prepare … Continue reading

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Moskva “Pride of Russian Navy” Suffers Curse of Snake Island: “Go Fuck Yourself,” They Told the Missile Cruiser

Moskva featured in one of the landmark early exchanges of the war, when Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island, a small outcrop in the Black Sea, told the ship to “Go fuck yourself” after it demanded they surrender. Russian Flagship … Continue reading

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Half Putin’s Brain Tied Behind His Back

Moving under a dark cloud of war crimes, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is redirecting toward the eastern part of the country, to the area known as the Donbas. This is what the Kremlin now says is the main objective … Continue reading

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Ways to Resist An Invading Army of Murderous Thugs

The ongoing mass murder and displacement of large numbers of civilians in Ukraine by Putin’s Russia is nothing that a civilized leader or nation would ever do. Because of its sheer brutality and self-defeating nature, it was not anticipated by … Continue reading

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von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu Discuss Putin’s Strategy in Ukraine

For most readers of military history two theorists stand out, the Prussian Carl von Clausewitz and the Chinese Sun Tzu. In addition to living in very different times (Clausewitz in the 18th and 19th centuries and Sun Tzu in ancient … Continue reading

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Putin’s Elite 2000 Man Guards Airborne Regiment Destroyed in Battle Near Kyiv; Only One Survivor

The regiment’s commander, Colonel Sergey Sukharev, was also confirmed as killed during the fierce battle that raged near Kyiv on March 17, according to local reports. Reports claim that the Russian 331st Guards Airborne Regiment was destroyed after coming under fire from … Continue reading

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The Insane Future of War: Drones as Force Multipliers

Advanced technology built into the pilot helmets of US military aircraft such as the F-35 and F-22 (and now the F-15 and F-16 Block 70/72) will allow a single pilot to control dozens or hundreds of deadly drone aircraft flying … Continue reading

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Putin is Provoked by Any Sign of Weakness

Russia’s beleaguered invasion of Ukraine is resorting to ancient battle tactics of total obliteration, in the attempt to show the world some sign of accomplishment and competence. Unfortunately for Russia, it shows quite the opposite. It is the strikes against … Continue reading

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You Will Be Assimilated; Resistance is Futile

Whether it is the Borg Collective or a modular cluster of the world’s tallest buildings, integrated modular innovation is the most likely scenario for a massive disruptive shift in world reality. The Broad Group in China has achieved remarkable results … Continue reading

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Space Warfare: A Kill Chain Approach

Space is Military High Ground The US Air Force has been exploring multiple uses of outer space for decades. The latest flight of the secretive USAF X37B space plane came to an end recently after a record 780 days in … Continue reading

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Three Wars for Tomorrow Morning’s News

Speaking at a 2019 Land Investment Expo last month, geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan predicted a “hot war” along Russia’s western borders, another “hot war” between Saudi-led Sunnis against Iranian-led Shia, and a war for Taiwan and China Sea maritime rights … Continue reading

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Russian Exports We Could Do Without

Rockets and Poisons Ten days ago, the Kremlin leader sought to frighten the West with his new “super weapons” and his preparedness for nuclear war, Eidman says. Now, he “is frightening it with a mass poisoning in the center of … Continue reading

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What Breed of Human Can Survive in the Future Commons?

In the Future: Death from the Commons Today we can safely travel around the world, by air, sea, rail, and highway. We can breathe the common air, eat the common food, and often drink the common drinks, taking only the … Continue reading

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Good, Bad, and Ugly in Putin’s Russia

Incomes are up, but only because government workers’ wages are rising so fast. Bank deposits and the national reserve fund are at their lowest. “… missile factories are almost at a standstill because of shortages of parts and problems with … Continue reading

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Swarm Weapons: Is Your Survival Bunker Well Equipped?

Coming World of Swarming Drone Warfare Is anybody ready for this? Small drones, even in large numbers, tend to be far cheaper than conventional, larger weapon systems… Indeed, most of these systems are based on existing, easily available, and extremely … Continue reading

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Will China Pass on World War III and Stand Aside?

China will lend “moral support” to Putin in his war of words against the west. China does not want to see a nuclear war destroy the global economy which China is so deeply invested in. But if it comes to … Continue reading

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How Putin and Xi Are Assuming the Role of Dictators

Putin Tightens Grip on Power Russia’s people are suffering, at the same time that Putin strengthens his personal grip on Russia’s wealth and power, including tightened personal control of “Interior Ministry troops, SWAT, and riot police forces, as well as … Continue reading

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Noisy Nuclear Submarines of China, India, Russia Take to Sea

More Nations are Joining the Dangerous Cat and Mouse Game of Nuclear Missile Submarines The Chinese military is poised to send submarines armed with nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean for the first time, arguing that new US weapons systems … Continue reading

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Shadow Wars and The Modern Mercenary

Characteristics of Shadow Wars 1. States matter less. Today’s “great powers” aren’t just countries, they’re multinational corporations as well as the super-rich. The Fortune 500 are more powerful than most countries, most of which are fragile or failed states. … … Continue reading

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Your Own Fractal Navy for a Safe Seagoing Life

What are Fractal Systems? A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry… One often cited description that Mandelbrot … Continue reading

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China is at War With the World — In One Way or Another

Why is China Attacking the US? This is an easy question. China is attacking the US because China is #2, and the US stands in its way. In order to become #1 — even in East Asia — China must … Continue reading

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Robot Revolution? The Disruptive Potential Cannot be Overstated

The Pentagon already deploys 11,000 UAVs and over 12,000 ground robots. Don’t be surprised if they’re the ones that save the day when the next big disaster strikes. __ The U.S. military is interested in the use of robots … Continue reading

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China Plays “Whack-a-Bubble”

Bandleader Lawrence Welk was famous for the bubble machines that kept the air around the bandstand covered with bubbles show after show. China is full of bubble machines of a different type, but they are just as much about “putting … Continue reading

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Putin Spending Russia Toward Desperate Times

Russia is running out of money. President Vladimir Putin is taking a strategic gamble, depleting the Kremlin’s last reserve funds to cover the budget and to pay for an escalating war in Syria at the same time. … “GDP was … Continue reading

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