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Even in Gas-Rich USA, Nuclear Energy is the Future

Nuclear demand is high where air pollution is at its worst and where economic activity is fast and furious — in Asia generally, and in China and India in particular… China and India are building half of the 60 new … Continue reading

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Elusive Fusion Power: Our Greatest Challenge? It Will Not Invent Itself

We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell? That damned, elusive Pimpernel __ The Scarlet Pimpernel Controlled nuclear fusion is like the Scarlet Pimpernel: damned elusive, … Continue reading

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Future Power: Particle Beams and Solid Ion Conductors

Without Abundant, Reliable, Affordable High Quality Power, Humans Have No Future Today’s article looks at some technologies that can make power systems more reliable, affordable, and more prolific creators of high quality power. To create an abundant and expansive human … Continue reading

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Small Nuclear Reactors to Power Homesteads and Survival Compounds

Personal Power for the Coming Anarchy Western societies are aging, losing expertise and internal cohesion, and allowing the foundations of their civilisation to crumble. To survive, modern societies need to make their vital infrastructure as robust as they can. Instead, … Continue reading

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Boosting Power Supply Resilience: Islanding via Microgrid

Basic Microgrid Concepts First of all, microgrids have nothing to do with unreliable intermittent energy schemes such as big wind farms and industrial solar power arrays. Microgrids are about building robust resilience into larger power systems. They are also about … Continue reading

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Disruptive New Paradigms in Space Launch and Nuclear Power

A New Paradigm for Nuclear Technology Development What’s different this time is that there is a profound shift taking place from government-led, and funded, nuclear R&D to private sector-led efforts by people with strong entrepreneurial goals… These developers want to … Continue reading

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How Stupid is Too Stupid?

Too Stupid for What? Consider that Russia wants to bring nuclear power plants to sub Saharan Africa. Given the crucial roles of maintenance and intelligent monitoring to nuclear plant safety, would building nuclear power plants in Africa be a good … Continue reading

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Energy Bridge: Cheap Oil & Gas for Next Few Decades

The Age of Cheap Oil & Gas Begins Scientific American: Another 40 million barrels per day of global oil production looms on the near horizon. Geopolitics will never be the same. A world of growing and geographically diversified oil supply … Continue reading

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April Energy Packets

Update: North American Shale Becoming Cheaper and Easier to Produce Advances in shale oil & gas production are keeping North American shale in the game long after Saudi Arabia and Russia thought they could out-produce the upstarts into the dirt. … Continue reading

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Licorice-Stick Nuclear Fuel: Keeping Nuclear Power Alive Until the Next Generation of Reactors Arrives on the Scene

Evolutionary Nuclear Fuel May Extend Safe Lifetimes of Existing Nuclear Reactors by Decades The fuel rods made by Lightbridge differ from today’s in several ways. Rather than a ceramic oxide of uranium, they’re made of a uranium-zirconium alloy that transports … Continue reading

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This Mini Nuclear Fusion Reactor Aims for an EROEI of 50!

Creating Abundant, Affordable, Reliable, Clean, On-Demand Energy Nuclear fusion promises an affordable, clean, abundant, and reliable energy future beyond the time horizon. While three other fusion devices roughly the same size as the ARC have been built over the past … Continue reading

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Advanced Nuclear Reactors: The Future of Large-Scale Energy

Nuclear Power Evolving: Safer, Cleaner, More Reliable, More Affordable An Exciting Time to be a Nuclear Power Engineer “As a professor, now is a very exciting time to be in nuclear engineering. The students in the program haven’t been around … Continue reading

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Time to Stop Worshiping the Fickle Ancient Gods of Wind and Sun

Advanced, safe, clean, affordable, reliable nuclear power is the future. Unless advanced human societies all collapse, wind and solar will always be the fickle gods of the past. Wind and solar energy are weather-dependent, variable and intermittent, i.e., therefore not … Continue reading

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Is Nuclear Power Really the Safest Form of Energy?

Historically, nuclear energy has proven the safest form of power generation in the nation-states that have implemented it. In countries such as France, Germany, the US, the UK, etc., nuclear energy has shown itself to be very safe. Contrary to … Continue reading

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Promising New Approach to Small Scale Nuclear Fusion

The above image depicts the old-fashioned approach to laser-triggered fusion as practised by the National Ignition Facility. The newer, cleaner, more scalable and more practical approach discussed below, is apt to beat the older and more expensive approaches to real … Continue reading

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Fracking for Fun and Future: Pushing Back the Luddites

Fracking Gives the Advanced World Enough Time to Develop Clean, Safe, Abundant Nuclear Energy from New-Gen Reactors Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and a wide range of nations that fund their national budgets from oil & gas profits may be in … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels Forever?

Fossil Fuels are Abundant and Accessible Modern civilisation has grown up on hydrocarbon fuels. Coal, oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons have given human societies the extra boost they needed to raise the quality of lives for their citizens. Economic … Continue reading

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Venture Capitalists Backing Nuclear for the Post-Obama Age

As long as US President Barack Obama remains in office, the outlook for most disruptive technologies will remain poor. Obama is anti-nuclear, anti-hydrocarbon, and anti-private business, forcing most visionary entrepreneurs to look beyond the Obama age for better opportunities. Several … Continue reading

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Breakthroughs that Could Make Nuclear Fusion Sustainable

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Dr. Dennis Whyte, the Director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center showed that a series of scientific and engineering breakthroughs could enable fusion to become a feasible a power source faster and cheaper … Continue reading

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Mystery Fusion Company Uses Confined Plasma + Ion Beam Injection: Shape of Things to Come?

Publishing little and with no website, but apparently sitting on a cash pile in the hundreds of millions, the [mysterious] Foothill Ranch, California–based company has been the subject of intense curiosity and speculation … last month Tri Alpha lifted the … Continue reading

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Peter Thiel Provides Early Funding for Transatomic’s Advanced Nuclear Reactor

Note: The article below appears to be in error regarding Elon Musk’s involvement in Transatomics. It appears that Musk is not directly involved in providing funds to the company. We only wish he were. The article title has been edited … Continue reading

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Things Doomers Will Never Tell You About Fukushima

There have been no deaths or cases of radiation sickness from the nuclear accident, but over 100,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes to ensure this. Government nervousness delays their return. Official figures show that there have been … Continue reading

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Making Oil Unnecessary: An Impossible Catalytic Revolution on the Cusp

Making Oil Unnecessary Chemistry and advanced materials play a huge part in the affluent lifestyle enjoyed by most people in the more advanced world. With recent advances in biotech and nanotech, we are beginning to see the dawn of the … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Isn’t It Time to Start Promoting Safe, Clean, Abundant Nuclear Power?

Even in the age of an apparent oversupply of oil & gas, the world is full of “peak oil doomers.” Such doomers believe that human societies are on the verge of a global energy collapse, with a subsequent collapse of … Continue reading

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Next Generation Nuclear Fission: Slow Growth for Fast Reactors

… according to GE’s Eric Lowen, [GE’s PRISM reactor] should… be able to extract 99 times as much energy from a given unit of uranium than any reactor currently in use. This is due to the system’s use of liquid … Continue reading

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