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Making Ocean Deserts Bloom in Barebone Seasteads

Most of the Ocean’s life clings to the shallower water over the continental shelves. That is where the food supplies are found. The middle of the ocean tends to be a desert, with only scant sea life to be found. … Continue reading

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Seastead Evolution Reloaded

Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, called seasteads, outside the territory claimed by any government. The term is a combination of the words sea and homesteading. No one has yet created a structure on the high … Continue reading

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A World According to Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is not Afraid to Stand Out from the Crowd One of the few Silicon Valley giants to support political reformer Donald Trump, Peter Thiel risked irritating a lot of powerful and wealthy people in the establishment in order … Continue reading

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Noisy Nuclear Submarines of China, India, Russia Take to Sea

More Nations are Joining the Dangerous Cat and Mouse Game of Nuclear Missile Submarines The Chinese military is poised to send submarines armed with nuclear missiles into the Pacific Ocean for the first time, arguing that new US weapons systems … Continue reading

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Your Own Fractal Navy for a Safe Seagoing Life

What are Fractal Systems? A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry… One often cited description that Mandelbrot … Continue reading

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Malthusian Monkeys Screech of Doom

Update: New steel alloy has strength to weight ratio of titanium at one tenth the cost (Nature Abstract) When Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte wagered Julian Simon $10,000 that the cost of commodities and natural resources would always … Continue reading

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Deep Oceans Receiving Unexpected Heat Influx

Unexpected Heat Flows Into Deep Oceans… Here’s Why: This is an important source of ocean heating which has not been accounted for in climate models: “Hydrothermal siphons” create heat exchanges deep beneath the ocean floor, between the hot lithosphere and … Continue reading

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Creating a New World Takes More than Words

If you observe modern politicians, academics, intellectuals, and activists long enough, you can get the impression that these loud talkers believe that they can change the world with their words alone. They may be right — in terms of destructive … Continue reading

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Floating Fantasy: Can a Seastead be Made Unsinkable?

A floating city — or seastead — is vulnerable to sinking. But floating vessels can be made more or less sinkable, depending upon the design. How close can we come to building an “unsinkable” seastead? A Chinese government-owned construction company, … Continue reading

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