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Homeschool in the Age of Wuhan CoV-19: A New Dawn?

We Are All Homeschoolers Now When politicians decided to shut the schools, they inadvertently opened the eyes of parents and students to the brave new world of homeschooling. Kids go to school for six-plus hours a day, but a lot … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson and the Rise of the New Chautauqua

The Return of Public Lectures Useful to the Public Back in late 19th and early 20th century America, “Chautauqua circuits” of public lectures swept across the states. This was long before radio and television — and a hundred years before … Continue reading

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College: Are You Just Wasting Your Time?

Not All Degrees are Created Equal Some degrees allow students to pay back their college loans rather quickly. But more than half of modern four year degrees leave graduates competent to do little more than flip burgers, wait tables, or … Continue reading

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Approximating an Online Medical Education for Dangerous Children

Sooner or later, someone is going to create an online medical school for training medical doctors. Such programs would likely be open to all age groups, providing Dangerous Children with an “advanced placement” training in the secrets of human medicine. … Continue reading

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