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Can Even Severe COVID Infection Be Cured?

Update: Very low fatality rates in US midwest Perhaps severe COVID-19 isn’t a purely inflammatory disease, but rather a dangerous loop of ineffective human immune responses and continuous tissue inflammation, says coauthor Leif Erik Sander, an immunologist and infectious disease … Continue reading

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Chinese Coronavirus: Europe Panics, Sweden Yawns

Whether on trains or trams, in supermarkets or shopping malls — places where face masks are commonly worn in much of the world — Swedes go about their lives without them. When most of Europe locked down their populations early … Continue reading

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Weekly Deaths Continue Falling: Is It Over?

Nobel Prize winning chemist Michael Levitt says the coronavirus pandemic may be coming to an end. Stanford biophysics professor Michael Levitt, who won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, says the pandemic might have come to an end. “CDC excess … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Bad Boy Bolsonaro Upsets Global Media

Beaches, Football, Life Goes On — No Masks! At this moment, a large part of the Brazilian population has decreed, on its own, the end of the epidemic,” wrote the well-known doctor Drauzio Varella in Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. … Continue reading

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UK Shrugs Off Chinese Coronavirus

At one stage whole intensive care units were full of Covid-19 patients, many of them on ventilators for several weeks. Again, thankfully, the numbers on ventilators have continued to fall, from 3,300 to 64. There are many ways of counting … Continue reading

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Latest Study on Children and Coronavirus May Help Calm the Hysteria over School

From the BBC online: The BMJ study looked at 651 children with coronavirus in hospitals in England, Wales and Scotland…. “There have been no deaths in otherwise healthy school-age children,” said study author Prof Calum Semple, from the University of … Continue reading

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Herd Immunity Remains the Best Bet

For all practical purposes, the covid-19 epidemic is over in Sweden. Almost certainly herd immunity has been achieved in Sweden irrespective of any antibody test results. Testing is usually only for IgG antibody and the herd can become immune via … Continue reading

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You’re Going to Die, But Probably Not From COVID

We have let the media and social media platforms control the messaging while their profits increase and the rest of the society crumbles. Are they giving back any of their profits to the people who have lost during this period? … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson & Family Get Coronavirus in Serbia

When it rains, it pours. The controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has contracted COVID-19, his daughter told the Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom. “He’ll get better, but he’s definitely taken a step back and it’s just really … Continue reading

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Sweden: Flattest Curve in Europe!

There’s no mandatory mask-wearing in Sweden, social distancing is recommended rather than enforced, and people are generally advised to stay home if they’re feeling unwell. __ Bloomberg Some European countries are experiencing a second surge of “cases,” but Sweden’s case … Continue reading

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Kids, Coronavirus, and School

The Wuhan coronavirus will be around for a long time. Custom made to easily infect humans — and to have a deadly SARS effect on susceptible (older) people — in specific populations it is both highly communicable and potentially fatal. … Continue reading

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How Did Sweden Achieve Such Low Death Rates?

… Sweden’s approach is more sustainable than the sudden lockdowns imposed elsewhere. With the risk that Covid-19 might be around for years… completely shutting down society isn’t a long-term option. __ Bloomberg The Experts Predicted About 100,000 Deaths in Sweden … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Deaths Falling in Arizona, Florida

But if the crisis is passing in states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and elsewhere, shouldn’t the public know about that? And why are the media acting as though it’s getting worse? __ You Are Not Being Told the Truth … Continue reading

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Lockdown Follies: More Likely to Get Infected at Home!

South Korean epidemiologists have found that people were more likely to contract the new coronavirus from members of their own households than from contacts outside the home. A study published in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … Continue reading

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Wuhan Coronavirus: Hidden Cases, Hidden Immunity

Only a small percentage of Wuhan coronavirus cases are known to health care systems. Most who have been infected will never know they had the virus, and will never spread the virus to anyone else. And they are likely to … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Hysteria is for Losers

China seeded Europe with coronavirus, and Europe seeded New York. Media hysteria ensued. US deaths are far below spring peaks, but the media won’t tell you this. Since the novel coronavirus emerged late last year in China, Covid-19 has killed … Continue reading

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The Next Virus May Not Be So Kind

A Lot of It is Just Plain Luck According to the CDC’s latest estimate, the coronavirus has an overall mortality rate of .4 percent for symptomatic cases (or .26 percent if you include asymptomatic cases)… __ Source Pandemics come and … Continue reading

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South Asians at Higher Risk of COVID Death?

Genetic predisposition to serious infection and death from the Wuhan CoV-19 is crucially important information — but information that is being largely held back by government officials and the news media. Why are blacks and south Asians more likely to … Continue reading

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Good News: Cases Rise… Deaths Fall

While the development has gotten scandalously little news coverage, the daily numbers of deaths with/of COVID has been declining with remarkable consistency for well over two months now. On April 21, the seven-day rolling average for deaths with/of COVID was … Continue reading

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Got the Chi-Corona Blues? Look to the Swamp!

How the Swamp mucked up America’s coronavirus response The US General Accounting Office (GAO) released a report detailing the failings of multiple deep state US Departments in dealing with the viral pandemic that originated in Wuhan China. In a report … Continue reading

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Pandemic Penny Arcade

The cases are mostly young people who are in very little danger from the virus. What should be considered good news – that the case fatality rate is falling each day – is being misinterpreted by the press. __ Cases … Continue reading

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A Life Full of Fear is Not Worth Living

I will not live in fear of catching a cold . . . I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my … Continue reading

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Cases Don’t Count; Deaths Do

The risk of death for the general population of school and working age is typically in the range of a daily car ride to work. __ Medium Numbers of cases have surged with expanded testing — and in regions where … Continue reading

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America is Giving Up on Lockdowns

I decided to download Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies just to check if I’m crazy. I’m pleased to see that it clearly states that there are only two ways to defeat a virus: natural immunity and vaccines. The book … Continue reading

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Hey You! Why Aren’t You Dead Yet?

Experts predicted a veritable holocaust. But even with the wholesale over-counting of deaths, the Wuhan coronavirus is just a blip on top of expected deaths we see every year. There have been 27 million deaths from all causes this year, … Continue reading

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