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Without Fossil Fuels Modern Civilisation is Impossible

80% of Energy Comes from Fossil Fuels With over 80% of energy consumption coming from fossil fuels, pretty much everything we have in our economy today is available thanks to fossil fuels. We wouldn’t have today’s homes, schools or grocery … Continue reading

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New Oil Discovery? Get in Line

They Keep Discovering Big New Oil Deposits! To the vast annoyance of oil hedgers and peak oil doomers, large new oil fields are being discovered from Guyana to South Africa to Iran to Scotland to Texas to the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Peak Oil?

In 1920, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that “the world’s supply of recoverable petroleum” was no more than 60 billion barrels. It was wrong. The world has already produced 1,400 billion barrels of oil. Worldwide, there is about 1,700 billion … Continue reading

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Technology Enabling $20 a Barrel Oil Costs

“Really, it’s quite easy” to be profitable at $20, “when you sit down and add up all the ways there are to save money in our industry, and how much waste there is,” added Blake Burnette, CEO of IoT-eq (pronounced … Continue reading

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Gods of the Apocalypse Fade, as True Believers Slip Away

The late 20th century was a mother lode for prophets of the apocalypse. Of all the apocalyptic faiths of the 1980s and 1990s, none was more strongly held than the one true faith in Peak Oil Armageddon. And why not? … Continue reading

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The Peak Oil Fad Loses Traction

What Happened to the Great 2005 Peak Oil Collapse? The rapid growth in North American oil production leading to the global oil glut, has dominated public concerns about oil for the past few years. Oil surpluses are likely to continue … Continue reading

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A Sense of Security is the Beginning of Disaster

Humans crave security. They will go to great lengths in an attempt to make themselves feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, there is no limit to potential risks. The ones we focus on are often the least likely to do us … Continue reading

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April Energy Packets

Update: North American Shale Becoming Cheaper and Easier to Produce Advances in shale oil & gas production are keeping North American shale in the game long after Saudi Arabia and Russia thought they could out-produce the upstarts into the dirt. … Continue reading

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Oil Price Rock and Roll

It’s hard to believe today that in May, 2008, Goldman Sachs analysts were forecasting that oil would reach US$200 a barrel within two years, or that the late Matt Simmons, founder of the energy investment banking firm Simmons & Co. … Continue reading

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Malthusian Monkeys Screech of Doom

Update: New steel alloy has strength to weight ratio of titanium at one tenth the cost (Nature Abstract) When Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte wagered Julian Simon $10,000 that the cost of commodities and natural resources would always … Continue reading

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Is it Peak Oil Yet? World Oil Glut Stretches to the Time Horizon

Lower oil prices, sanctions, and regional instability have caused oil production in Iran, Iraq, and Libya to be depressed. Production in Africa is running into roadblocks caused by low oil prices. And yet oil producers are selling oil as fast … Continue reading

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Oil Prices: Every Which Way But Loose

Update: Why Oil Prices are due to fall — again Oil prices have had trouble breaking out of the $50 to $65 price range. Judging by production estimates, they are unlikely to do so in the near future. The seasonal … Continue reading

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Global Oil: Profits, Losses, Supply, Demand

Peak Oil Isn’t What it Used to Be The key figures were a 1 million barrel-day increase in worldwide oil supply during March to an 95.2 million barrels a day, and a 1.1 million barrel a day increase in demand … Continue reading

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Planet Earth “Stuck” in Long Glacial Period and Other Random Observations

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have produced a geological record of global temperatures going all the way back to the Cambrian Era. The left-hand portion of the graph is high truncated and represents millions of years … Continue reading

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Why Was Al Fin Predicting an “Oil Glut” in 2006 At the Height of Peak Oil Hysteria?

Global Hydrocarbon Endowment In 2015, at a time of a relative oversupply of and underdemand for oil, it is easy for oil journalists to write about an “oil glut,” as if they had invented the concept. But in the years … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Isn’t It Time to Start Promoting Safe, Clean, Abundant Nuclear Power?

Even in the age of an apparent oversupply of oil & gas, the world is full of “peak oil doomers.” Such doomers believe that human societies are on the verge of a global energy collapse, with a subsequent collapse of … Continue reading

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Oil Prices: Everything You Think You Know Just Ain’t So

In July 2008, my Journal colleague Neil King asked a wide range of energy journalists, economists and other experts to anonymously predict what the price of oil would be at the end of the year. The nearly two dozen responses … Continue reading

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Hogs of Doom: Wallowing in Swills of Apocalypse

We live in precarious times. Entire economies are based upon nothing stronger than promissory notes written by thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, and unreliable bureaucratic institutions. Academic institutions are devoted more to self-enrichment and mass indoctrination than to the development of independent … Continue reading

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Natural Gas Says: “Who Needs Oil?”

Natural gas is cheap and abundant. If we could find an inexpensive way to convert natural gas into more valuable commodities such as gasoline, diesel, plastics, lubricants, fabric polymers, fertilisers, etc., the global need for oil would drop significantly. Siluria … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Meet Massive New Super-Giant Oilfield in Texas

Early estimate from Pioneer Natural Resources are than it could contain 50 billion barrels of recoverable oil, which would make it the second largest in the world, behind only the legendary Ghawar in Saudi Arabia. _RealClearEnergy The Spraberry Wolfcamp oilfield … Continue reading

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I Chose the Wrong Century to Believe in Peak Oil Doom

Previously published on Al Fin Energy …Peak Oil catastrophism is largely a manifestation of our primary cultural myth: that all things end with suffering, death, and then resurrection. Belief in apocalypse is programmed into western civilization. Given our heritage, “the … Continue reading

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