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You First, Asshole!

They want you to die. Actually, they want everybody to die! They want the whole human race to go extinct. They are not rare, they are not hard to find. Every year, universities turn out a whole new crop of … Continue reading

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If the World Doesn’t Come to an End Soon, Snowflake Millennials are Going to be Pissed!

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary”. H.L. Mencken Prior to the timely arrival … Continue reading

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Irony is the figurative term for the disconnect between what appears to happen or what is apparently being said and the actual truth or reality. __ Source The singer in the song above expresses one meaning in the lyrics, while it … Continue reading

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This is Not the Black Death

It seems like everyone is panicking these days. Out of fear of the Wuhan CoV-19 entire economies are shutting down — risking large scale poverty with a resulting millions of dead — to accomplish a reduction of viral spread that … Continue reading

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Today’s Left: A Compassionate Beating, a Caring Riot

Leftists Think of Themselves as “Caring and Compassionate” But there is a huge difference between “feelings of compassion,” and true acts of kindness. One is known by his actions, not by his words or his “feelings.” And the actions of … Continue reading

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Simple Solution to Political Violence in America?

A recent article at the Fabius Maximus website examines recent left-instigated violence in Charlottesville, Evergreen College, Berkeley, Portland OR, and several other locations. The common thread linking these violent episodes of political violence is a vicious leftist intent to deny … Continue reading

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What is “The Deep State?”

Does the Deep State Exist? “Of course, the deep state exists. There’s a permanent state of massive bureaucracies that do whatever they want and set up deliberate leaks to attack the president,” said Gingrich, a Trump confidant, according to the … Continue reading

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Venezuela: The True Face of Bernie Sanders

Venezuela is the true face of civil collapse. Compared to that socialist paradise, the US is the picture of domestic tranquility. 5 Years Ago Bernie Sanders Said that Venezuela is the True American Dream In an essay lamenting what he … Continue reading

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Should Journalists be Assassinated?

Update: Must read article on the crisis in journalism in the age of Trump When Putin or Duterte Kill Journalists, We Are Not Surprised But now American journalists are accusing brand new US President Donald Trump of plotting to kill … Continue reading

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“White Supremacism” Takes on an Odd Complexion

Playing the Victim Proves Impossible to Resist The list of “fake hate crimes” is growing ever longer. People of the third world are being victimised at record rates, if claims are to be believed. But are the claims believable? Only, … Continue reading

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Building a Positive Future Instead of Tearing it Down

We have discovered through hard trial and error that a society without a sense of larger purpose drifts into nihilism and despair. __ ColonyofCommodus To build a future, people must have a sense of purpose — “a larger purpose” than … Continue reading

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Someone is Telling You What You Can Think, What You Can Read, What You Can Say . . .

Wherever there is censorship, book-burning, and propaganda, there are people behind the scenes who think they know better what you should be thinking, reading, and discussing, than you do yourself. It is still possible to find a broad range of … Continue reading

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Why Russia and China Can’t Innovate

Russia and China Disappoint Once upon a time, Russia and China were considered the economic powerhouses of the future. Those two bright stars — along with the rest of the BRICS and Turkey — were supposed to propel the global … Continue reading

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Russian Government Prepares for Hardship, Decline, Unrest

Did No Russian Die in Recent Years? The only way that the latest Russian government figures about increases in life expectancy can be true is if one assumes that not one of them died in recent years, an obvious absurdity … Continue reading

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Putin Spending Russia Toward Desperate Times

Russia is running out of money. President Vladimir Putin is taking a strategic gamble, depleting the Kremlin’s last reserve funds to cover the budget and to pay for an escalating war in Syria at the same time. … “GDP was … Continue reading

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Is the Dark Enlightenment in Danger of Becoming Another Ideology?

In a very real sense, a philosophy is a way of life which may incorporate but does not embody a political agenda. On the other hand, ideology is usually based in theory, the precepts of which often have little or … Continue reading

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Russia, Living With a Secret Corpse, Pretends Not to Notice

… for the 11.5 million people in its capital city of Moscow, life in Russia is forging on in a curious way, bordering on theater of the absurd. Absurdity is part of daily life. And the higher its concentration, the … Continue reading

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You, My Fine Sucker, Have Been Hacked and Trolled by the Best

After responding to an advertisement in the popular HeadHunter job-search website, [Tatiana] became a Kremlin-paid Internet troll. Tatiana — who, like others interviewed for this story, asked that her last name not be used — worked out of a 2,500-square-meter … Continue reading

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You Are Deluded

Commentary on excerpts from Dr. Bruce Charlton’s online e-book “Addicted to Distraction” Mass Media is a system like no other – it has no function of its own, so it can just keep growing. It has no positive aim for … Continue reading

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Nothing is True, and Everything is Possible

Peter Pomerantsev is an ethnic Russian who was born in Kiev, under the USSR. He grew up in England. When he moved to Moscow as an adult, he fell in love with Moscow’s wild and intense euphoria where “anything goes.” … Continue reading

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If A White Person is Killed by a Black Person in the City, Does It Make Any Sound?

When a violent young black male was shot dead by a white police officer, the sounds of protest and outrage were heard around the world. When violent young black males beat a young white man to death with hammers, will … Continue reading

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Hope and Change vs. The American Dream

Argentina’s government has a head start on Obama, but Obama seems determined to catch up. Obamacare set to obliterate over 2 million US jobs over few years. The real toll is likely to be far worse, once the cascading catastrophe … Continue reading

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