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Hillary Clinton Feels Entitled to Be President; Why?

Guest Article: What Distinguishes “The Entitled Personality” from Normal People? Entitlement is a personality trait driven by exaggerated feelings of deservingness and superiority. According to new research by Case Western Reserve University, entitlement may lead to chronic disappointment, unmet expectations … Continue reading

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Who Needs to Die?

… The hypothalamic attack region controls defensive-aggressive behavior. If scientists stimulate these neurons with an electrode, an animal will instantly become aggressive and attack a test animal in the cage. … When it works as intended we call it quick … Continue reading

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Could a Psychopath Be Elected US President?

Psychopaths usually don’t want to commit themselves to a long course of study. They want to get results quick. So we could wonder – would they be attracted to politics? You can be a career politician without much preparation. And … Continue reading

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Excitable Primates, Monkeys, and Muslims

Re-published from an earlier article appearing on Al Fin Potpourri, abu al-fin, and Al Fin Central. The differences between the minds of monkeys and the minds of men are differences of a graded evolutionary nature. Natural selection follows a forked … Continue reading

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Exploring the Deep Frontiers of the Human Mind

The human mind is one of the “last frontiers” yet to be explored. Modern psychiatry and psychology spawn a number of tired jokes among the modern breed of biologically and genetically informed cognitive scientists, for good reason. Virtually everything about … Continue reading

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How Much of Black Crime Could the MAOA Variants Account For?

Blacks commit violent crimes at far higher rates than most other races, including whites and asians. Wherever blacks make up a significant percentage of the population, overall violent crime rates tend to be higher. It would be natural for someone … Continue reading

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Blacks and Violence: Is It In the Genes?

The problem of race-based violent crime is not likely to go away any time soon, in North America, Europe, or Oceania. In fact, a previous article here quoted the eloquent black American author Thomas Sowell as claiming that blacks in … Continue reading

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