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Tragic, flawed, deluded fool of a would-be emperor

A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge to Who Knows Where? The prospects for Russia’s new bridge from the mainland to Crimea are unclear. In order to pay for the grand connecting link, Russia will have to forego much-needed bridge construction and repair elsewhere in … Continue reading

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Erdogan Officially Joins the “Strong Man” Club

If the world’s talking heads were in an uproar over Brexit, what can they be thinking about the ongoing purges in Turkey? Turkey is the pivot between Europe and lands east. Turkey stands astride the divide between Islam and Christianity, … Continue reading

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How Putin and Xi Are Assuming the Role of Dictators

Putin Tightens Grip on Power Russia’s people are suffering, at the same time that Putin strengthens his personal grip on Russia’s wealth and power, including tightened personal control of “Interior Ministry troops, SWAT, and riot police forces, as well as … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Prevent Russia’s Disintegration

The Centre Cannot Hold The situation is fundamentally different than in the 1990s. Then people were willing to put up with shortages because those had been a fact of life for most of their existences. Now, people who had gotten … Continue reading

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Collapse of an Unstable Russian Federation

Mr Putin brought into motion forces that thrive on war and nationalism. These are not the forces of imperial expansion—Russia lacks the dynamism, resources and vision that empire-building requires. They are forces of chaos and disorganisation. __ Beyond Putin More … Continue reading

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Which Is Worse? Putin or ISIS?

Global Sharia vs. Russosphere of Oppression Much of the western world is roiling in anger at ISIS killings in Paris and elsewhere. Many voices are crying out for the west to join Putin — to empower Putin — in a … Continue reading

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What Did One Terrorist Say to the Other Terrorist?

“We’ll always have Paris“ The most recent Paris terror attack — claimed by Islamic State — is unlikely to be the last Paris attack. France is becoming a hotbed of Islamism and Muslim fundamentalism. Paris — and France — can … Continue reading

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Jumping the Shark in Russia

Let us imagine a person healthy in body and strong, talented and not unkind—for such is quite justly the general view of the Russian people. We know that this person or people is now in a very sorry state. If … Continue reading

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Russia’s Future

The life expectancy for males in Russia is about 64 years, putting it among the lowest 50 countries… Consider that a 15-year old Russian male has a life expectancy three years shorter than his counterpart in Haiti. __ Demography is … Continue reading

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Collapse of the US “Imminent”

Challenges posed by Russia, China, and the Islamic State confront the US with insoluble foreign policy dilemmas. There is no easy way out of any of these conflicts. When combined with US domestic problems — the race war of blacks … Continue reading

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Russian Update: Early June 2015

On May 12, dozens of universities and research institutes lost access to online scientific articles after the government failed to pay nearly $1 million in overdue subscription fees. Days later, a Proton-M rocket carrying a Mexican satellite malfunctioned minutes after … Continue reading

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Putin Would Rather be Feared Than Respected: Quest for Power and Loot

Update: Russians and Russophiles love a good liar Putin Wants Absolute Power and All the Loot In the photo above, you can see Putin in the act of stealing a 2005 Super Bowl ring owned by NE Patriots owner Robert … Continue reading

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Russian Internet Capers: Apes and Trolls Abound

Russia has turned Internet trolling into a profession with full time workers getting paid $700 to $1,000 a month (plus bonuses for especially effective efforts) and working in office settings rather than from home. These professional troops mainly write in … Continue reading

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Russia Settles In for a Long “New Normal”

Will Russia Ever Recover from the Ongoing Economic Crisis? We should be prepared that the current environment of sluggish or negative growth will continue for quite some time, says Alexey Kornya, chief financial officer of Russia’s top cellular carrier, Mobile … Continue reading

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The Genocide: Russia Prepares for Nuclear War

Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Russians have never stopped making preparations for nuclear war. …Russians have a massive underground complex in the Ural mountains that has been estimated to be approximately 400 square miles in size? In other … Continue reading

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The Land of Unwanted Babies and Nuclear Proliferation

Baby Disposal Boxes to be Provided to Mothers of Unwanted Babies Child abuse in Russia is routine. Russian streets are overflowing with unwanted “street children,” and the Russian orphanage system is a global disgrace. The “official” number of abortions performed … Continue reading

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What If Putin Were Suddenly to Really Drop Dead?

Update 16 March 15: After 10 days in seclusion, President Putin emerged today, laughing off the speculation that he may have been indisposed — or deposed. One might suspect that Putin had actually died and been revived as a zombie. … Continue reading

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China Moving to Gain Control of Russia’s Oil & Gas Fields, Weapons Systems

Update: RIP Nemtsov China’s New Lease on Russia To become a superpower, China will need the energy resources and natural resources of its neighbor, Russia. It appears that China will soon get what it wants, as Russia moves to change … Continue reading

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Is Putin, Like Hitler, Pushing Europe Into War?

The good news is that Russians do not want a war — and this is Putin’s Achilles heel. A survey by the Levada Center found that 68 percent of Russians polled “do not want their sons to fight” in Ukraine. … Continue reading

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What If Putin Were Suddenly to Drop Dead?

Update: Putin has not been seen in public since March 5… Rumors are swirling about the possible illness — or even death — of Russian President Vladimir Putin. __Vox At about 11 a.m. ET on Monday (January 26, 2015), our … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin: International Man of Misery

The only… option is to leave the country — but where to go? The closest and simplest destination is Europe, but there terrorists have killed the editors of Charlie Hebdo, and the euro costs more than most Russians can afford. … Continue reading

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By His Own Shackles Bound

Putting all your honey in one jar is something no wise bear would ever do. By the same token, wise bears don’t shit where they eat. Perhaps this bear is not so wise after all. As the bear grows hungry … Continue reading

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Nothing is True, and Everything is Possible

Peter Pomerantsev is an ethnic Russian who was born in Kiev, under the USSR. He grew up in England. When he moved to Moscow as an adult, he fell in love with Moscow’s wild and intense euphoria where “anything goes.” … Continue reading

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What Comes After the Collapse of Putin’s Russia?

According to respected blogger Brian Wang, Russia is close to collapse… Putin’s Russia, that is. More Brian points to a Wall Street Journal article which weighs Russia’s problems with debt and over-dependency on commodities, against Russia’s assets (in the light … Continue reading

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Russia’s Karmic Debt: Heading Toward Default

As Russian tanks and missiles roll into east Ukraine, Russia’s account in the Cosmic Bank of Karma is way overdrawn. Russian officials have spent the last couple of weeks trying to calm Russians and telling them not to hoard foreign … Continue reading

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