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Jumbled News Items

Human Brain Regeneration Using Adult Stem Cells The technique involves injecting stem cells through a borehole in the skull into regions of the brain that are known to control motor movements, and which have been damaged by stroke… these injected … Continue reading

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Immortality via 3D Bioprinting, for the Compleat Survivor

3D printing is opening several promising doors into a future of near-infinite possibilities. One of the most important skills to learn for the more wise and intelligent prepper-survivors is the ability to print useful tools and replacement parts in 3D, … Continue reading

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Grow an Army of Superhumans Using Affordable Artificial Wombs

Are We Approaching the Age of Effective and Affordable Artificial Wombs? Womb transplants are already here. These transplanted wombs would likely be disposable — they would be removed after successful birth by C-section — and thrown away. These transplanted wombs … Continue reading

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Neurogenesis: Induced and Natural

More Avenues of Hope for Damaged Brains Induced Neurogenesis for Research and Regeneration Researchers have discovered two ways to create neurons from a person’s own skin cells: The first way is by creating induced pluripotent stem cells, which are then … Continue reading

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Fountain of Youth: Pouring Young Blood Into Old Bodies?

The search for the fountain of youth is following many different paths, including the “seven-fold path” of SENS, suspended animation via cryonic vitrification, tweaking the immune system to boost human resilience, increasing the length of telomeres, regenerative medicine, stem cells, … Continue reading

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Meet the Organoids: Growing Human Organs in a Dish

As Madeline Lancaster lifts a clear plastic dish into the light, roughly a dozen clumps of tissue the size of small baroque pearls bob in a peach-­colored liquid. These are cerebral organoids, which possess certain features of a human brain … Continue reading

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Sophisticated Bio-Scaffolding Raises Hopes for Regenerative Medicine

Today’s story goes back to 2009, when Medford, Massachusetts company Serica Technologies Inc. received FDA approval for its silk-based scaffold technology. The silk scaffolding was originally meant to be used for reconstruction of structural connective tissue, such as that in … Continue reading

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(Brain) Transplant vs. In Situ Regeneration

Scientists are hard on the trail of lab-grown organs and tissues. They are learning to grow tissues on scaffolding — even brain tissue — and how to print organs in 3D with special printers and inks. Once created, these pristine … Continue reading

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How Many Vaginas Does a Woman Really Need?

In the wonderful new age of regenerative medicine, scientists are growing replacement skin, ears, urinary bladders, and other body parts in the lab. Scientists at San Diego-based Organovo have learned to print slices of liver in 3D, with the ultimate … Continue reading

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Are You the Master of Your Own Domain?

Probably not. Consider: 90% of the cells in your body are non-human. The 23,000 human genes in your body are outnumbered by millions of microbial genes, doing who knows what. The variety of microbe species that lives on and inside … Continue reading

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Windows Into the Next Level

Brian Wang points to an interesting look at 3D printing of living human tissue for organ and tissue replacement. The scientists in the article point out a crucial fact: the object that emerges from the 3D tissue printing process is … Continue reading

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