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An empire rotting from the inside out. The clock is ticking down.

Does Russian GDP Rank Higher than China’s GDP?

By some rankings, Russian GDP per capita ranks 62nd in the world while China ranks 73d. According to World Bank statistics for 2017, Russia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita ranks 62nd in the world. __ Source Keep in mind … Continue reading

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“We just die out as flies, and nobody remembers us.”

People who truly love a country will face up to its problems, rather than turning their backs and denying the fatal trends that eat away at a nation’s heart. Demographic decline affects all of the developed world, including Europe, the … Continue reading

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Here at the End of All Things

A Massive Transformation of Two Empires that Will End One World Order and Make Way for a New One to Come The United States of Stagnant Corruption The United States of America is tentatively stepping back from an interminable gray … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: China Helps NATO Encircle a Russia in Decline

Beggars cannot be choosers, and a Putin besieged by both domestic economic woes and international isolation likely has no choice but to double-down on his bet on China. Of course, Russia’s strongman may have to kowtow to his … Chinese … Continue reading

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It’s All Part of the Plan Part II

In part I of this series, we took a quick look at ways in which Russia is being actively dismantled by its historical victims. The Separatist Spirit is Strong in the Urals, Siberia, the North Caucasus, Russian Manchuria, Russian Occupied … Continue reading

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No Hope for Russia to Emerge from Putin Fiasco in One Piece

Clashes within the elite were bound to intensify as the pie to be shared shrinks due to the economic crisis. The number of such conflicts has grown rapidly since 2014: for example the nationalisation of oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s crown jewel … Continue reading

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We Should Have Seen This Coming

“Russian authorities have been consistently claiming during the past several months that the economic crisis in Russia has bottomed out,” the paper states. “However, a brief analysis of the raw data from the Russian economy, and the most realistic patterns … Continue reading

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Collapse of an Unstable Russian Federation

Mr Putin brought into motion forces that thrive on war and nationalism. These are not the forces of imperial expansion—Russia lacks the dynamism, resources and vision that empire-building requires. They are forces of chaos and disorganisation. __ Beyond Putin More … Continue reading

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Russia’s Future

The life expectancy for males in Russia is about 64 years, putting it among the lowest 50 countries… Consider that a 15-year old Russian male has a life expectancy three years shorter than his counterpart in Haiti. __ Demography is … Continue reading

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Dark Horizons: Plague, Famine, Holocaust

Plagues of locusts darken the skies, tonnes of good food is burned in the streets, defunded government health systems threaten collapse, and the number of women of greatest fertility is being cut in half. In a time when food supplies … Continue reading

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Putin’s Russia Descending into La-La Land

“Russia is not sleep-walking into disaster; it is marching at high speed while drugged up to the eyeballs.” ___ Russia Spirals into Fantasy Russian economy slumps further When reality does not suit one’s emotional needs, it is all too easy … Continue reading

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Welcome to Russia, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of China Inc.

The population of far Eastern Siberia has collapsed to 6.3m from over 8 million twenty years ago, leaving ghost towns along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Russia has failed to make a go of its Eastern venture. With a national fertility rate … Continue reading

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Russia, Living With a Secret Corpse, Pretends Not to Notice

… for the 11.5 million people in its capital city of Moscow, life in Russia is forging on in a curious way, bordering on theater of the absurd. Absurdity is part of daily life. And the higher its concentration, the … Continue reading

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China Moving to Gain Control of Russia’s Oil & Gas Fields, Weapons Systems

Update: RIP Nemtsov China’s New Lease on Russia To become a superpower, China will need the energy resources and natural resources of its neighbor, Russia. It appears that China will soon get what it wants, as Russia moves to change … Continue reading

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Decade Forecast 2015-2025 Sees National Fragmentation Ahead

We expect Moscow’s authority to weaken substantially, leading to the formal and informal fragmentation of Russia… __Decade Forecast 2015-2025 The nation of Russia is being pushed to the breaking point by unrealistic neo-imperial ambitions at the highest levels. In just … Continue reading

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Destruction as Near-Complete as Nuclear War

I see Russia as a country in decline. It’s a one-crop economy; two-thirds of its exports are energy. It has a terrible demographic problem; the number of Russians is shrinking. It has a huge health problem; the average Russian male … Continue reading

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After the Dam Breaks, the Deluge

All signs point to the eventual collapse of Putin’s regime.… When the rotten Russian dam breaks, as it inevitably will, only strong and stable non-Russian states will be able to contain the flooding, shielding the rest of the world from … Continue reading

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Rise of the Greater Chinese Empire

Russian borders are indefensible. Wherever you look at the map there are no natural obstacles that would hamper a military advance. Historically, every major advance that threatened Russia’s existence (the Poles in 1610, Napoleon in 1812, Hitler in 1941) came … Continue reading

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Is Russia Doomed? The Question is How and When

Morgan Stanley has a short message for Russia: you’re doomed. _Doomed But it really depends upon what is meant by the term “doomed.” The land will remain, and many of the people. But over time Russia’s wealth resources will be … Continue reading

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Can Russia be Saved?

The lines of unemployed workers who line up for a free bowl of soup at outdoor kitchens are growing. Families wait for hours outside banks to empty their accounts before buying anything of value — electronics, furniture — before prices … Continue reading

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A Dog and its Bone

Image Source: Moscow Times In Aesop’s fable, a dog carrying a bone encounters its own reflection in a body of water. Thinking its reflection to be another dog, it attempts to seize the reflection’s bone. But when the dog opens … Continue reading

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What Comes After the Collapse of Putin’s Russia?

According to respected blogger Brian Wang, Russia is close to collapse… Putin’s Russia, that is. More Brian points to a Wall Street Journal article which weighs Russia’s problems with debt and over-dependency on commodities, against Russia’s assets (in the light … Continue reading

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Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

Global Suicide Map — Image Source: Chartsbin There is plenty of discontent in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. But much of the focus of massive discontent this winter centres on Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is bleeding and apt to suffer … Continue reading

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China to Russia: “Don’t Worry, Baby. I Got Your Back!”

“China did nothing to promote the [Ukraine crisis], but now it will surely capitalize on Russia’s conflict with the West,” he said. _Advantage China While Putin dreams of a “Grand Eurasian Empire” stretching from western Europe to the Pacific and … Continue reading

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Incredible Shrinking Russia

The Incredible Shrinking Russian Army … the Russian military is seen as a crippled institution and one not likely to get better any time soon. With so many of the troops now one year conscripts, an increasing number of the … Continue reading

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