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An empire rotting from the inside out. The clock is ticking down.

False Hope and Fatal Despair … An Empire’s Agonal Gasps

if Russians are dying for lack of hope, as they seem to be . . . What happened to Russians over the course of the Soviet century that has rendered them incapable of hope? __ The Dying Russians Russian despair … Continue reading

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Not Enough of Russia Left for a Dog to Gnaw On

The border, all 2,738 miles of it, is the legacy of the Convention of Peking of 1860 and other unequal pacts between a strong, expanding Russia and a weakened China after the Second Opium War. (Other European powers similarly encroached … Continue reading

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China Just Smiles

China is watching the expanding Russian war in Eastern Europe very closely. China is not at all worried. For this conflict, the dragon can only smile. … China has close relationships with the defense industries of both Russia and Ukraine. … Continue reading

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The Collapse of “the USSR” Is Not Yet Complete: The Zombie Lives On

The continuity between the Soviet Union and the current regime is obvious. This continuity is primarily found in the dismissive attitude toward individuals and their rights, which can be seen both in government actions and everyday interactions. It is also … Continue reading

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