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High Rise Innovation: If You Can Build These Things in India and Detroit, You Can Build Them Anywhere!

This method of constructing high rise buildings does not require large cranes or dangerous high altitude iron work. Once the top level is erected, each subsequent floor is completed on the ground, then raised to fit in its place, like … Continue reading

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Building Your Own Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Life in the Age of a Cornered Nuclear Dictator Putin Will Get Desperate In a foretaste of Putin’s evil intentions for Ukraine’s other cities, Russia’s siege of Mariupol has cut off food, water and power supplies, whilst the bodies of … Continue reading

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Printing a Bridge to the 22nd Century

The End of Government as We Know It What will atomic-level 3D printing mean? The end of poverty The creation of abundance & utopia The end of crime through the removal of greed End of financial and resource driven wars … Continue reading

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Creating a New World Takes More than Words

If you observe modern politicians, academics, intellectuals, and activists long enough, you can get the impression that these loud talkers believe that they can change the world with their words alone. They may be right — in terms of destructive … Continue reading

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It’s Alive: Convert Empty Shells into Livable Houses, Quickly

To convert any weather-resistant shell into a modern functioning, versatile house, you need to give the shell a modern heart: Plumbing, HVAC, Electricity, water heating, bathroom, kitchen with appliances, plus gas and data services as required. All of those functions … Continue reading

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A Defensible Survivable Retreat In the Lower 48: What are the Odds?

In case of The End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), where would you choose to make a stand, for yourself and your loved ones? If the problem occupies your mind a great deal, and you live in … Continue reading

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Floating Fantasy: Can a Seastead be Made Unsinkable?

A floating city — or seastead — is vulnerable to sinking. But floating vessels can be made more or less sinkable, depending upon the design. How close can we come to building an “unsinkable” seastead? A Chinese government-owned construction company, … Continue reading

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Disaster Proof Homes In the Age of Climate Doom

We are constantly barraged with pseudo-scientific propaganda about the impending climate apocalypse. Yet we do not need to quake in fear of climate doom before we consider how our houses could be made safer against natural disasters. Disaster resistant homes … Continue reading

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Antarctic Station Survival: Modular Units on Skis

A new type of Antarctic research station appears to be more likely to survive the harsh polar conditions over a longer period of time, than its predecessors. Accumulating snow and ice along with movement of ice toward the sea, have … Continue reading

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