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Half Your Brain Tied Behind Your Back

The following article was previously published on The Dangerous Child blog Unihemispheric Sleep; Unihemispheric Waking Whales and dolphins live underwater but must come to the surface periodically to breathe. They cannot allow both hemispheres of their brains to drop into … Continue reading

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Kids Should Learn To Take Care of Themselves

If a child has never learned to look out for herself, she is likely to find herself at the mercy of Muslim rape gangs, violent bullies, and all types of other predators. In the short video clip to the left, … Continue reading

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US Blacks Continue Race War Against Whites, Others

Black supremacists continue calling for a race war against whites, including black supremacists working for Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Black economist and philosopher Thomas Sowell writes regularly about the unreported race war. Popular black movie actors boast about being … Continue reading

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Piss on the White Bitch

It could have been a lot worse that evening in St. Paul. Approached by four black men asking for directions while she was talking on her iPhone, she was abruptly dragged down to the sidewalk, her pants pulled down . … Continue reading

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Try Not to Be Too Surprised

Everything changes. Experience (and Robert Burns) tells us that the plans we make are often thwarted by unexpected events. Wise persons will take precautions against unpleasant surprises in their immediate and general vicinities. The first level of defence is “situational … Continue reading

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Dangerous Child: FAQs

What is a Dangerous Child, anyway? A dangerous child is someone who has discovered how to plot his own course in life, and who has acquired the life skills he needs to move steadily toward his goals. Why do you … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Child: Some Basic Concepts

The main purpose of this blog is to lay out my ideas for “The Dangerous Child Method of Education and Child-Raising.” The basic outline of “The Dangerous Child” is still naturally seen as quite vague by most readers. This posting … Continue reading

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