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Send Your Child to Prison Instead of College

College is becoming more and more expensive. But the advantages of going to college are diminishing by the year. After TEOTWAWKI — The End of The World As We Know It — your kids will need an entirely different skill … Continue reading

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High Value Trade Goods After the Apocalypse

Caution! The information below is intended for use in future planning after TSHTF. The activities described are mostly highly illegal at this time, and laws must be obeyed. Most prepper sites recommend things like silver coins, ammunition, fish hooks, seeds, … Continue reading

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The Swiss Resistance Strikes Again

The Swiss resistance convinced Hitler to keep his bloody hands off Switzerland in WWII. Now the Swiss are once again standing up against outside invasion. This time, the Swiss resistance is serving to bolster a Europe-wide resistance against a veritable … Continue reading

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Clear Coded Comms

How to Survive on a Desert Island Don’t get hurt (or sick). Salvage any useful items. Find sources of food and fresh water. Build a shelter. Basic rules of survival for human animals. But because humans need more than mere … Continue reading

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Hogs of Doom: Wallowing in Swills of Apocalypse

We live in precarious times. Entire economies are based upon nothing stronger than promissory notes written by thoroughly corrupt, incompetent, and unreliable bureaucratic institutions. Academic institutions are devoted more to self-enrichment and mass indoctrination than to the development of independent … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Civilisation in the Aftermath

Modern societies are facing a bifurcation point. One set of choices will lead to a general prosperity along with an amazing variety of increasingly sophisticated technological wonders and opportunities. The other set of choices will lead eventually to cascading failures, … Continue reading

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Escaping Central Government Corruption

Obama’s Washington DC is a model of central government corruption. Opportunity has evaporated in the face of rampant corporate and union cronyism. More green corruption. All large governments are corrupt. It is even becoming more and more difficult to find … Continue reading

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Minimum Viable Population vs. Effective Population Size

Life has not always been so easy for humans. Human populations had to squeeze through several bottlenecks before emerging as the dominant species on Earth. The ultimate survival of humanity was uncertain through most of human history. And it could … Continue reading

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Vitamin D: Not Just for Rickets and Osteoporosis

Vitamin D has an important role in regulating cell growth. Laboratory experiments suggest that it helps prevent the unrestrained cell multiplication that characterizes cancer by reducing cell division, restricting tumor blood supply (angiogenesis), increasing the death of cancer cells (apoptosis), … Continue reading

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Disaster Proof Homes In the Age of Climate Doom

We are constantly barraged with pseudo-scientific propaganda about the impending climate apocalypse. Yet we do not need to quake in fear of climate doom before we consider how our houses could be made safer against natural disasters. Disaster resistant homes … Continue reading

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Essential Home Remedies: Tea Tree Oil

Here are some uses for tea tree oil, often referred to as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”: 1. Use a dab to treat acne. 2. An anti-fungal for treating Athlete’s Foot, eczema, various yeast infections, etc. 3. An antiseptic … Continue reading

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Living in the City vs Living in the Countryside

We live at a time when western societies are balanced on a razor’s edge. On the one side is the potential for a rapid explosion of technological wonders, resulting in longer and healthier lives with greater and greater opportunities to … Continue reading

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Don’t Raise Your Children to be Wage Slaves

There are a number of disadvantages to working at a job, that is, working for a company or for someone else. Job security is never perfect, and in the days of Obama, uncertainty is an unwelcome guest in a growing … Continue reading

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