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When Elon Musk Screwed the Pooch

We are on record saying that Elon Musk has one good company — SpaceX. His other signature company, Tesla, has been bleeding large sums of money for several years now, with no end in sight. Elon is in the process … Continue reading

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Zombie Horde Holds No Terror for the Prepared

Here is another multi-copter meant to be marketed to the public. Named the “Hexa” copter, it is meant as a rental, probably for tourist markets. Each rotor has its own motor — and its own battery! It is capable of … Continue reading

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Putin’s Legacy: An Infrastructure Like No Other

Russian Infrastructure #1: Transportation The recent construction of the Kerch Bridge between Russia and Crimea highlights the condition of Russian transportation infrastructure. The national web of roads, railways and airways stretches almost 7,700 km (4,800 mi) from Kaliningrad in the … Continue reading

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Electric Cars Still “Toys for the Rich”

Electric car deficiencies are major, including high purchase price, short driving range, small carrying capacity, lack of charging stations, long charging times, and expensive battery packs that need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle. __ Source A … Continue reading

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How to Get Around After TEOTWAWKI

After TSHTF, maintaining highways and bridges will take a back seat to just staying alive and free from the slavers and reavers. If you need to get somewhere faster than you can walk or ride horseback, you will need some … Continue reading

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Investors Revolted by Tesla Motors’ Plan to Acquire SolarCity

… a struggling SolarCity could be a burden on Tesla, which is also using up cash fast. Tesla’s free cash flow last year was a negative $2.2 billion. In theory, then, a combination of Tesla and SolarCity would have burned … Continue reading

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Lose Your Power, Lose Your Life!

The Electric Power critical infrastructure is unique in that it supports all 17 other critical infrastructure and key resource sectors. Today’s complex, digital world simply requires electric power for all or certain aspects of most business and consumer activities.  __ … Continue reading

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Personal Lighter-than-Air Flying Machines

The “age of the personal airship” always seems to be just around the corner. Hot air balloons have been around since 1783, but affordable personal airships that you can control and reliably fly from point A to point B in … Continue reading

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Great Escapes

No matter what you want to escape — from a zombie apocalypse to a comet strike to a skankstream cathedral — you will wish to do so with flair. Below is a collection of escape vehicles, meant for a variety … Continue reading

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Motherships and Rocketships

Satellites today are launched via booster rocket from a limited number of ground facilities, which can involve a month or longer of preparation for a small payload and significant cost for each mission. Launch costs are driven in part today … Continue reading

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Russians Live and Speak Freely! (In Latvia)

Back in Russia, one can no longer speak his mind as freely as was the case several years ago. Government policies are shutting down freer avenues of expression. If one is not willing to follow the Kremlin talking points, one … Continue reading

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Rails of Decline: Paying China to Connect the Global Idiocracy

Connecting Southern Slums to Northern Promise China is about to lay track for a shorter and faster version of the Cape-to-Cairo rail line that imperialist planners such as Cecil Rhodes proposed as a way of uniting Britain’s colonial possessions. China’s … Continue reading

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