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Poland Rising: Eyes Leadership Role in E. Europe

Over its long history, Poland has endured numerous changes of fortune. It has been often invaded and looted, with many of its best minds massacred by enemies wishing to destroy Poland’s ruling classes. But Poland has also — in heroic … Continue reading

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Russia Haunted by Spectre of Disintegration

The spectre of disintegration is already haunting Russia. Politicians and pundits are scared to discuss it publicly. Shortly after annexing Crimea and stirring separatism in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin introduced a law which makes “incitement of any action undermining Russia’s … Continue reading

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Ukraine Russia China: As The World Turns

Ukraine has long been a world-class weapons builder and exporter. In fact, without Ukraine’s advanced missile guidance systems and military turbine engines, Russia will find it impossible to build replacements for many of its most important weapons systems — should … Continue reading

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Ukraine and Russia: Marriage Made in Purgatory; Divorce Forged in Hell

First Came Ukraine … both nations trace their roots back to the first East Slavic state, Kievan Rus, which stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea from the 9th century to the mid-13th century. This medieval empire was founded, … Continue reading

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The Re-Conquista of Crimea: Time Favours the Tatars

Existence is bleak under Putin since the forced annexation of Crimea. The Russians of Crimea, the initial beneficiaries of Moscow’s humanitarian intervention, have seen the collapse of tourism and agriculture, soaring prices, physical isolation, and massive disruption… __ A Pyrrhic … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin: International Man of Misery

The only… option is to leave the country — but where to go? The closest and simplest destination is Europe, but there terrorists have killed the editors of Charlie Hebdo, and the euro costs more than most Russians can afford. … Continue reading

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On Leaving Well Enough Alone . . .

Once upon a time, citizens of Ukraine were tolerant of the corrupt economic “co-dependency” between Ukraine and Russia. But something happened to rile the normally placid citizens of Ukraine. I’ll give you a hint: Ukraine did not invade Russia. One … Continue reading

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