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The Tragic Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery

A young man’s shooting death was captured on video. The hackstream media is attempting to ignite a hellstorm of racial hatred over the sad event. But what likely happened on that day? The facts as laid out by the local … Continue reading

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Homeschool in the Age of Wuhan CoV-19: A New Dawn?

We Are All Homeschoolers Now When politicians decided to shut the schools, they inadvertently opened the eyes of parents and students to the brave new world of homeschooling. Kids go to school for six-plus hours a day, but a lot … Continue reading

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You Just Can’t Get a Good High Yield Bond Any More!

Interest rate returns for bonds and investment accounts just are not what they used to be! Below is a graph showing the historical fall in bond yields, followed by a graphic revealing the historical decline of interest rates. Fall in … Continue reading

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Space Warfare: A Kill Chain Approach

Space is Military High Ground The US Air Force has been exploring multiple uses of outer space for decades. The latest flight of the secretive USAF X37B space plane came to an end recently after a record 780 days in … Continue reading

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Make the World Go Away

Intelligent readers can see the contradiction in the graph above: In order to achieve the “global decarbonisation” called for by the world green movement, the world as we know it must cease to exist… and an alternate universe must come … Continue reading

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A Fundamental Misunderstanding of Disruptive Innovation

Brian Wang discusses future disruptive technologies as if the disruptors of the past will also be the disruptors of the future: Technological disruptors like Elon Musk, Google and Amazon will force industries and companies to accelerate or die. Companies will … Continue reading

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Dangerous Child Method vs. Robinson Curriculum

The following article is cross-posted from The Dangerous Child blog The Robinson Curriculum Teaches the Basics The homeschool curriculum devised by Arthur Robinson, PhD., prepares children and youth to excel in the challenging modern world of rapidly advancing science and … Continue reading

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Combat Flow Training: Dynamic Linked Chaos

Note: This article is cross-posted from The Dangerous Child blog Staying Alive is a Dynamic, Chaotic Affair: You Must Learn to Flow With the Go Get Out of the Box! Just as Neo needed to understand that there is no … Continue reading

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Schools Preparing Children to be Helpless, Fearful Sheep

Note: This article is cross-posted from The Dangerous Child, with modification How can you possibly expect someone who has spent most of his or her life in a educational system that discourages risk and critical thinking, and which teaches them … Continue reading

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Gun-Crazy Americans Just Might Survive to See the Next Century

More Civilised Europeans Likely to Go Extinct Stories of gun-toting Americans are featured on US local news reports every day. But the violence is not all one-sided. Ordinary Americans are beginning to pack heat, and are fighting back. When Citizens Arm … Continue reading

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Clear Coded Comms

How to Survive on a Desert Island Don’t get hurt (or sick). Salvage any useful items. Find sources of food and fresh water. Build a shelter. Basic rules of survival for human animals. But because humans need more than mere … Continue reading

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Human Sacrifices at the Green Altar

The government places much of the blame for increased energy prices at the feet of so-called green policies. Currently, such policies account for only about 10 percent of the heating bill, but these numbers are set to go up dramatically. … Continue reading

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Canadian Oil Sands Production: There’s No Stopping It

Energy expert Robert Rapier reports from the Alberta oil sands that costs of bitumen production for some producers have dropped as low as $25 a barrel! Image: Robert Rapier The image above shows production costs for Cenovus mines, which go … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Meet Massive New Super-Giant Oilfield in Texas

Early estimate from Pioneer Natural Resources are than it could contain 50 billion barrels of recoverable oil, which would make it the second largest in the world, behind only the legendary Ghawar in Saudi Arabia. _RealClearEnergy The Spraberry Wolfcamp oilfield … Continue reading

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If Climate Change is a Scam, What is the Point of Intermittent Unreliable Green Energy?

As we receive more and better climate data, it is becoming obvious that by far most of the “climate change” of the past century has been due to natural cyclic fluctuations. In the face of overwhelmingly natural climate change, why … Continue reading

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Dangerous Child: FAQs

What is a Dangerous Child, anyway? A dangerous child is someone who has discovered how to plot his own course in life, and who has acquired the life skills he needs to move steadily toward his goals. Why do you … Continue reading

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Hobbling Time

There is a quantum of time for every thought. Our bandwidth of thought lies well under one hundred bits per second at best. In spite of our ability to chunk information and utilise massive parallelism of cortical columns. When we … Continue reading

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