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Homemade Weapons of Survival and Resistance: Outlasting the Bastards

Acolyte: Master, when TSHTF, will we need guns — lots of guns? Master Fin: Grasshopper, when TSHTF not only will we need guns — lots of guns — but we will also need things that go boom! things that go … Continue reading

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Homemade Firearms: $1200 CNC Mill Makes AR-15 Lower Receiver

Get yours now, because the price will soon go up to $1500. Defense Distributed is now selling a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the “Ghost Gunner”—that can complete an unfinished lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part of a … Continue reading

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Global Nuclear War Making a Comeback Under Putin, Obama?

Remember the grand old days of the USSR? Remember Dr. Strangelove, Alas Babylon, Lucifer’s Hammer, Earth Abides, On the Beach, and the large number of other popular works that both shaped and reflected the widespread nightmares of global nuclear war? … Continue reading

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Home Firearm Manufacturing and the Dangerous Child

Dangerous Children master the use and maintenance of a wide range of modern and primitive weapons, generally before puberty. But they also learn to design and build many of their own weapons, sometimes including firearms. With the rapid development of … Continue reading

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Green Vermont Invaded by Ethnic Drug Gangs

When one thinks of Vermont, he normally envisions peaceful villages set in green valleys, with mountains covered by flaming red and orange autumn leaves. The last thing one normally associates with pacifist, socialist Vermont is drug gangs and inner city … Continue reading

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US Gun Production Skyrockets

According to figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives there were more than 8.57 million guns produced in the U.S in 2012… which is a 31 percent increase from the 6.54 million produced in 2011, and a … Continue reading

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Shadows of Gun Laws in US vs. Elsewhere

In the US, gun rights have been expanding. As of 1986, slightly less than 10% of the U.S. population lived in states where there were objective and fair procedures for the issuance of concealed handgun carry permits. About a third … Continue reading

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Obama Sells Guns, Lots of Guns!

One of US President Obama’s most signal accomplishments as president has been the way he has boosted US gun sales. Mr. Obama has actually been the best gun salesman in history…. “Last year was a record setting year for gun … Continue reading

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