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Human Capital Fleeing Europe?

Europe is faced with a serious brain drain problem. Since the introduction of the euro, more qualified workers have left Europe than have newly arrived. In the pre-crisis years, the 15 countries that adopted the euro currency exhibited, on average, … Continue reading

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Comparing Global Net Immigration to Global Net Emigration

It would be more instructive to show maps of net immigration and net emigration flow for upper and middle class persons. I could not find such maps for this entry. But comparing overall global net emigration and immigration allows one … Continue reading

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Potemkin Putin: A Slowly Collapsing Empire’s Defiant Face

Russia’s Multiple Epidemics: HIV, TB, Suicide, Alcoholism, Tobacco, Violent Crime, A Fascist Return to Totalitarianism … Among the top 20 global economies, only India, with a population almost nine times bigger than Russia’s 143 million, has more people living with … Continue reading

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