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The Reality of China Doesn’t Match the Hype

The following interview excerpt comes from themarket.ch Few western observers know China better than Anne Stevenson-Yang. The American lived in the People’s Republic for more than 25 years. In 2007 she co-founded J Capital, an independent research firm that focuses … Continue reading

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US Economy Over 50% Larger Than China’s

The truth is that China has always been weak, even if its outward behavior is aggressive, even obnoxious. But beneath the confident exterior is a nation that still cannot feed itself, lacks stable sources of energy and is addicted to … Continue reading

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China is the Virus; CCP is the Plague

“The Chinese, behind the shield of the World Health Organization for two months, hid the virus from the world, and then sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese on aircraft to Milan, New York and around the world to seed [the … Continue reading

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China: The Asshole that Demands Gratitude

China is the country that dishes out death by pandemic, but demands the world’s gratitude. Chinese officials initially covered up the outbreak in Wuhan. They have also appeared to be censoring research into the origins of the virus, and German … Continue reading

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Origin of Wuhan Cov-19: The Documentary

It is time to begin to zero in on the source of this Chinese virus, and to hold those responsible who appear to have allowed it to spread into populations around the world. Film Source Up to Half of Those … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: Is It Slowing Down?

Note: Conspiracy theories come naturally where governments lie in a reflexive manner — as in China. The shameful actions of government officials in the early weeks of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic created a climate of skepticism and doubt that will … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus Helps Consummate Russia : China Relationship

The Chinese novel coronavirus outbreak is causing significant economic disruption to China and to any country or company closely tied to Chinese manufacturing. Besides the economic risks, countries that neighbor China are concerned about their own risk from out of … Continue reading

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Taiwan and Hong Kong Compare China Notes

“For sure. I already knew that China was an asshole. But after everything that happened in Hong Kong, I knew that that could be really worse. “They promised Hong Kong 50 years of freedom. They’re already breaking it. They couldn’t … Continue reading

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Inside the “China Model”

The “China Model” of government is being promoted widely in political circles as an explanation for China’s economic rise over the past 40 years. US billionaire and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is among the latest to advocate this system. But … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Example of Self-Sabotage

China has pulled itself up significantly, by the “open sewer” definition. But now it is threatening to go backward. Since the late 1970s, China has grown prosperous by allowing foreign investors and corporations to operate inside Chinese borders. Thanks to … Continue reading

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A Chinese Tragedy

“Distrust saps the foundation of things.” R.H. Graves _ h/t The Chinese, as individuals, have no friends. China, as a country, all the less so._ Source Nobody Trusts China Certainly overseas Chinese in Hong Kong do not trust China, after … Continue reading

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Is the US Stock Market on the Verge of Crashing?

A lot of people will claim to be able to predict when markets will crash. But markets are full of chaos — “unknown unknowns” — and will burn the would-be prophets almost every single time. What We Know In the … Continue reading

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Xi in Jeopardy from the Return of the Tuanpei?

… Xi Mingzhi was unsatisfied with her life in China after living for several years as a student in the United States. Out of love for his daughter, Xi Jinping was reportedly persuaded to let her return to school in … Continue reading

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How Can You Tell When China Breaks?

First Understand the Role of Real Estate Prices in China … about 80% of Chinese people’s wealth is in the form of real estate, totaling over $65 trillion in value — almost twice the size of all G-7 economies combined. … Continue reading

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Staggering Like a Sick Pig

Suffering a 5 to 1 Disadvantage The most important ongoing news story in the world remains the trade war between the US and the Communist Party of China government. The future of the free and developed world depends upon its … Continue reading

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Loss of American Market a Heavy Blow to China

Loss of the American export market would be a heavy blow to China, as would the continued reduction of the value of its currency. Chinese manufacturing, much of which migrated to it from Japan via South Korea, is already moving … Continue reading

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Two Nations With Divergent Economic Paths

Why China is Falling and Dragging Germany Along We have long been told that this is the Chinese century. It is supposed to be China’s turn to lead the world according to talking heads and journalists. Yet if one looks … Continue reading

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Revolts of 2019: Another 1989?

Back in the revolutionary year of 1989, Chinese students demonstrated for freedom in Tiananmen Square, the Berlin Wall fell to the blows of sledge-hammers wielded by ordinary people, and across Eastern Europe millions of thralls of the Warsaw Pact asserted … Continue reading

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Why “Everyone” Wants to Leave China

A year ago, only a few manufacturers in China were thinking about leaving. Now the strategic picture has changed. In December, I had one company getting ready to source elsewhere,” he says. “Then I went back in May. They are … Continue reading

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More Big Companies Plan to Escape Jaws of China

Big corporations moved production to China for the cheap labour costs. But China stole their technology and began cranking out low cost counterfeit products. Chinese courts sided with local patent infringers every time. So now that production costs are rising … Continue reading

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The Wasteland

Breathing the air in China is an exercise in suffocation. Drinking the water is slow poison. Eating the food is a recipe for degenerative conditions of body and mind. Soaking in the mindset of slavery kills the soul. Chinese people … Continue reading

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China: All the Way Down

Automobile Sales and Birth Rates Decline Worst Ever Car Sales Drop China reported the worst-ever monthly sales drop in the world’s largest vehicle market on Wednesday, exacerbating concerns over the country’s economic slowdown and growing impact of an ongoing trade … Continue reading

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China Toadies Shirk from Discussing Tiananmen

Thirty years after Tiananmen, for all its new wealth and progress, The People’s Republic of China remains a regime willing to stifle the freedoms that Westerners regard as a birthright. Let us not forget what the students of Tiananamen Square … Continue reading

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Why China is Losing: Reading Between the Lines

China increasingly realizes that it’s playing a losing hand in the trade war, and its counter-moves have been made mainly for public consumption in China. __ Source If you take the trouble to look at the items that China left … Continue reading

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You Know Nothing Chairman Xi

China Chooses to Lie Cheat and Steal Rather than Reform China could have chosen to abandon its long practices of forced technology transfer, product piracy, arbitrary discrimination against foreign litigants in disputes with Chinese companies, large scale industrial espionage, and … Continue reading

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