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Contemplating the Aftermath: Round One

The First Round of the Wuhan CoV-19 Pandemic is Approaching Aftermath Stage A Mass Inflation of the Death Toll Consider who really died from Wuhan CoV-19: 43% of US COVID Deaths Come From 0.6% of Population Between 40% and 50% … Continue reading

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Will Global Attitudes Toward China Change?

US Attitudes Toward China are Changing Throughout the Obama presidency, Americans believed China to be the leading economic power in the world — although it remained solidly in second place. This attitude began to change in 2016, and now Americans … Continue reading

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Coronavirus in Your Shit; Uyghurs in Your Shoes

Chinese scientists announced the discovery of coronavirus traces in the fecal matter of some infected patients. They are suggesting the possibility of fecal-oral transmission, perhaps helping to explain how the virus could spread so quickly in the city of Wuhan, … Continue reading

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What Continues to Hold China Back?

A Tendency to Default Backward Historically, China was first with many technological breakthroughs, but was unable to improve upon them — or even to hold onto them as they were. China did not develop a system of independent science strong … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus Global Business Disruption

Graphic Look at Supply Line Disruptions China’s economic collapse … could push its Q1 GDP negative according to Goldman as the second largest world economy grinds to a halt… … will have an adverse impact on countless supply-chains, which in … Continue reading

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Will Shanghai Become World’s Top Financial Center?

At this time, the global cities at the top of the financial services industry are all located outside of mainland China — for good historical reasons. But according to opinions reflected by the graphic above, a significant number of the … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: Regaining Trust is a Long Slog

A Different Country Now China’s financial situation in 2020 is less resilient than it was in 2003, when the country shrugged off the SARS epidemic. The SARS debacle left few long-lasting scars on China, mainly because China’s economy was red-hot … Continue reading

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Christmas Present for Wifeless Chinese Men

Thank you, Santa! Resourceful communist party officials in Beijing have uncovered a hidden treasure trove of women that it can use to help satisfy its growing masses of surplus young men. Han Chinese men had been assigned to monitor the … Continue reading

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Trump Heavyweight Champ of Hong Kong

Hours after [US President Donald Trump] signed two bills to support human rights in Hong Kong, angering Chinese government officials, pro-democracy protesters in the beleaguered city held a “Thanksgiving Rally” Thursday night to commend him for taking the action. … … Continue reading

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A New Way for China?

An Uncertain Future Hong Kong embraces democracy, rejects Beijing. Worse: Communist party officials deluding themselves — this delusion could lead to civil war inside China. The people of China must follow where the Communist Party of China leads them. Yet, … Continue reading

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Fearful China in Trade War With Largest Customer

In China, people at the highest levels are beginning to fear. China’s victory lap around the One Belt One Road was meant to carry it in triumph across the entire occupied globe. But Hong Kong happened. Xinjiang is taking too … Continue reading

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China is Invincible

Chinese People are Ambitious, Industrious, and Intelligent Insofar as China is built upon the Chinese people, its future is solid. The Chinese people are bright, resourceful, resilient, hard-working, and above average for incremental innovation. The problem — and it is … Continue reading

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Czech Republic Spreads Her Legs, China Can’t Get It Up

China badly wants to take the Czech Republic, and the Czech Republic wants to be taken. So what’s the problem? Czech President Milos Zeman has met with Chinese President Xi Jinping eight times — an unusual amount of face time … Continue reading

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China’s Lost Decade

… China’s economy is the slowest it has been in decades. It had to slow, just the way Japan’s economy doubled every ten years from the ashes of World War II to become the second largest in the world, and … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Today’s Prisons are Barbaric As horrific as prison conditions in medium and maximum security US prisons are, it is not difficult to find prisons elsewhere with much harsher conditions. The 5 most barbaric prisons in the world can be found … Continue reading

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Lousy Chinese Schools Where “Everybody Cheats”

A quick search of the rankings of top world universities shows very few Chinese schools listed. Those which are ranked in the top 200 are very likely overrated due to the high levels of cheating which occur universally across China. … Continue reading

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China’s Decline Hits Positive Feedback Territory

Chinese economic growth continues to decline and it is feared China might even suffer a major recession because of the continued economic problems. __ Source Positive Feedback Decline in China? Slower growth in China means slower growth for the rest … Continue reading

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Potholes Develop in One Belt One Road

More intelligent observers have begun to take a sceptical look at the nuts and bolts underlying Chairman Xi’s One Belt One Road “juggernaut.” Western press outlets have tended to cover the BRI as a triumphant PRC bid to remake global … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: China’s Great White Grandfather

Chuan Da Ye People in the United States and other Western countries may have called Donald J. Trump a lot of different names, but in China, many people are addressing him as “Chuan Da Ye.” “Chuan” is the Chinese pronunciation … Continue reading

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The Chinese Century Is Already Over

A Workforce Already Shrinking The working age population of China is shrinking so quickly that wages are being forced upward, driving many overseas investors to look to other nations to do their offshore manufacturing. A country needs a fertility rate … Continue reading

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Emerging Ghost Malls, Hotels, Office Buildings and Cities of Africa

We usually think of China when contemplating “ghost cities” and other ghost real estate properties. But the Chinese propensity to build infrastructure far in advance of actual demand is not limited to the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese Communist Party wants … Continue reading

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China Road to World Domination Hits Snags

… it’s almost certain that the amount of money that makes its way into Belt-and-Road projects will be significantly lower than advertised. Grand in ambition but short on details, Xi’s sweeping initiative may be better thought of as a “philosophy” … Continue reading

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Economically Stressed China Flirts With Nuclear War

A Chronic Economic Crisis Spurs Expansionist Impulses Deep stresses within China’s bubble economy are building, forcing Beijing to take a neoimperial posture toward weaker nations in its vicinity. Inevitably, if China expands too forcefully, it risks war of a radioactive … Continue reading

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China: One Yellow Brick Road Falling Behind Schedule

Once Referred to as the “One Belt One Road” (OBOR) Plan; Now More Properly Called the One Yellow Brick Road (OYBR) Plan One Yellow Brick Road (OYBR) Lost in the Poppyfields More than three years after Xi’s unveiling of the … Continue reading

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China Has the Best Human Organs at Good Prices, No Wait Time

This is a $12 Billion a Year Industry in China Over the past 17 years, China’s human organ transplant industry has grown rapidly, earning itself an international reputation for reasonable cost, short waiting times before organs become available, and generally … Continue reading

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